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Dear All,
The Quality Officer from Ecotech collected random samples from flats accompanied by Prasad our plumber.
Total number of complaints received till 11.00hrs on 07/12/12: 17
Breakup as per blocks: Block A: 01; Block B: 03; Block C: 01; Block D; 02; Block E: 01; Block F: 01; Block G: 01; Block H: 03; PA: 01; PB: Nil; QA: 02; QB:01; R1, R2, R3, R4: Nil.
They have tested water at the following flats: H-902; B-701; D-403; F-504 of which the sample from B-701 was taken back to Ecotech for further study. Initial tests were done. Attached are the pics:
The clear water sample is what was collected from my apartment at 07.00hrs this morning.
Both samples were at ph7 and without any suspended particles or odour. Samples otherwise collected at home had the same result. The colour of water from B-701 was the worst of all samples taken so it has been sent for further tests.
I) The several possibilities of such cases could be:
a) Corrosion of pipelines
b) Sedimentation in pipeline or gysers getting corroded from within, flushing water into bathroom pipelines mainly.
II) As precaution it was decided that water regeneration will be done twice a day instead of once.
a) Morning: Between 10.30am - 12.00pm & Evening: 4.00pm - 5.30pm.
b) WTP backwash will be done now everyday instead of every other day. This consumes 7000ltrs of water.
III) Further to note STP water will shut down completely from tomorrow for 3 weeks and will take another survey of feedback from the list above & MC to take appropriate action accordingly.
IV) Send samples for lab culture test. Cost to be borne by Association.
Thanks & regards,
As disscussed , below are the recomended solution as per one of my civil engg friend  for seepage in water tank -
Cico - grout power v1 or fosroc - cebex 100  in 50 kg cement
cico no.3 chemical can be grouted with 1 kg cement in 1 Ltr grout for heavy leakage.

Material needs to put with the help of nipple grouting machine  . 
You can ask Hasan , he must be having that machine  .

I will call you tommorow 10 a.m , one engineer is visiting Alpine for WTP .

And one request , please try to make  WTP  ready ASAP  with minimum cost , 
do not wait for GBM now as we do not know when GBM will happen .

Thanks & Regards
28 Aug 12
K & I had a long meeting with the estate team this morning. It is
imperative that we do the complete overhaul of WTP for the following reasons:

1) increase pump capacity from 5 hp to 7.5 hp to ensure we have sufficient
pressure built to filter through sand media and resin media.  Also to get
adequate water treated to keep tank c level at a minimum level to reach higher
floors at all times.  2) increase the dia of the pipes. The pipes are in a
rusted condition and any increase in pressure can result in it collapsing 3)
sand media: i) the capacity is inadequate. ii) the media has not been replaced
in 4 years. It should be done every 1 year if not less.  4) resin media: also
should be replaced every year for proper softening of the water.  5) chlorine
injector: for managing water borne infections.  6) tank water proofing and
sealing. A vendor visited the site and informed that this is a costly affair
(Rs 500 per sq mt) and time taking. While tanks A & B can be shut down during
this activity, we need to plan how water can be supplied when tank c is shut
down for more than a week.

With this spend of we will see an improvement in the quality of water we get in
our taps - treated and soft, so our equipment, clothes will not be subjected to
so much wear and tear.

It is very difficult for any of us to monitor every aspect of this overhaul by
ourselves and that is why we should plan and invest this activity with an
Environment Scientist with sound knowledge in the field.

In the meantime, we have identified a 5 hp crompton greaves new pump on resale
at a cost of Rs 6000 (negotiable) and suggested that the Senior plumber makes a
physical check before purchase. This will then replace the existing leaking
pump that needs repair.

Tomorrow Hassan will start work to plug the holes in the ll separating the two
divisions of Tank B. After curing of the same and with the replacement of the
pump WTP can be restored till the GBM is called for and definite decisions
taken as mentioned above.

Animesh, thank you for your support and acknowledgement of the STP. It is a
everyday fight with the operator and it's getting at an annoying level at
times. The only reason why I am doing it is to ensure we manage the costs of
buying water at a restricted amount each day and we don't waste in flushing it

times. The only reason why I am doing it is to ensure we manage the costs of
buying water at a restricted amount each day and we don't waste in flushing it
down instead.

There are
two problem 1. Water Tank problem --- As per Regulas , there is a  a wall
inside Tank -B ,  no one knows what is the use of that wall, which should have
proper water passage hole inside Tank--B  and then if there are any seepage
work needs to be done.

2. WTP machine is having some leakage  that can be rectified ,not a big problem
, required wielding and pipes activity .  Rest everything is fine  and I am
sure , if seriously taking all these jobs ,  WTP should be operational within
3-4 days .

I am worried because after using this water which must  have more than 1000 tds
of hardness , I will  be victim of baldness , and you all will follow me
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