Wish List


Think of it as a TODO list to make Alpine-Eco a better place to stay in.

S.no. Wish Status
1. Registration/Occupation Certificate from BDA PENDING
2. Residents Committee DONE
3. Cauvery Water ??
4. Skywalks between all Blocks PENDING
5. Letterboxes for every Apartment DONE
6. Name plates at the entrance of each block PENDING
7. Notice board provision in each block PENDING
8. Intercom phone inside each lift through which we can call security in case the lift gets stuck while we are inside PENDING
9. Angular parking in open car park area PENDING
10. Lights in the Walkway DONE
11. CAr park Allotment PENDING

General Maintenance Committee

S.no. Wish Status
1. Tackling Beehives PENDING
2. Some seepage in the parking area under Mont Rosa & Mont Blank (through the joint) block PENDING
3. Stagnant water near the fountain (add disinfectant/koi fish) PENDING
Wish Date Completed Comments
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