Water Expenditure

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Water Usage Analysis - The Facts

stats derived from the charts:

  • @ Rs17k/day monthly water bill is about 5.1L which means our current monthly expenditure on water is ~Rs 650. (Rs5.1L/800 flats)
  • Per-flat-daily-water-consumption: 3L litres/800 = 375Litres of water/flat/day
  • Summer Forecast: during summer months accounting for water supply/demand , think the cost would increase.
  • During hot summer day, the apartment consumed 10L liters of water in a single day. That means on an avg, each flat consumed about 1250 liters of water.

NOTE: In bangalore, one person needs150 litres water/day.


From: "mcatalpineeco(at)ymail(dot)com"
Sent: Wednesday, 7 March 2012 10:17 PM
Subject: [OwnersAtAlpineECO] Analysis on - Water Cost , Vendor Share & Daily Consumption for Last 3 Month [1 Attachment]

[Attachment(s) included below]

Dear Residents,

Please find attached the excel and below graphs on Water Cost , Vendor share & Daily Consumption Analysis for Last 3 Month

Executive Summary
1. This data analysis is done for only 3 months (Dec, Jan & Feb), as per the data provided by estate Manager.
2. 5 vendors are supplying water to Alpine Eco Apartment.
3. Cost of water was increased from last 3 months because the maximum Borewell’s were drained out.
4. On an average the daily cost of water is 17 K (INR)
5. Our per day consumption is 3 Lakh Liters of water (Daily Consumption)

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On Mar 23, 2012, at 6:11 PM, "mcatalpineeco@..." <mcatalpineeco@...> wrote:
Sub: Water Supply Stopped from 12 AM to 6 AM - NEXT URGENT Update
Dear Residents,

Kindly note that today our water consumption has multi-folded. We have consumed
around 10 Lakhs Litrestoday fom 5 AM till now - which is 3 times the normal
consumption (which amounts to 3Lakh Litres / day) . This esentially means we
have consumed/wasted 3 days of water by this time in a single day.

This is really alarming and to control any further loss - we have taken
descision to stop the water supply from 12 midnight to 6 AM. And further to
this - if the same story continues tomorrow also - we will supply the water in
shifts only - details of which will be shared soon.

At 11PM tonight - we are planning to take a round of basement and check where
the usage is high/continous running water. In case you would like to volunteer
for same - please come down - as we are really falling short of people now.

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From: Estate Manager Alpine <estatemanager.alpine
Sent: Tuesday, 10 April 2012 2:02 PM
Subject: [MCAtAlpineEco] Water Level Status

Dear All,

   The water levels in Final Tank is alarming now - 1 feet due to heavy consumption & The Vendors has supplied 
which is as follows this is from 12.00 Am to till now

    Vendor Name        no of Tanker            Total Ltrs

1. Chennakeshava     -    37                   -     344000
2. Jailakshmi             -    3                    -     21000
3. Vigneshwara         -    8                    -      113000
4. SVT                       -    2                   -      14000
5. Yellamma               -   7                   -       56000
6. Vishnu                   -    3                  -        21000
            Initial Stock                            -       220000
           Total               -   60 Loads       -    789000 Ltrs

Current Status is around 110000 Ltrs Total consumption from 5 Am to till now is 679000 Ltrs. 

This is daily routine in summer. So i Kindly request MC & Volunteers to take call on fixing the time for water supply 
and inform Residents accordingly via Mail & Notice Boards.

Thanks & regards
Paresh Joshi
Facility Manager


also heard that to meet the acute demand of water, the water tanker vendors sometime resort to
taking water from bellandur lake and nearby areas, which have become septic tanks due to the nearby
apt complexes pouring their untreated sewage into these lakes.

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