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"Organic is Green, Glass is Yellow, Paper is White,
Metal is Grey, Plastic is Blue, Hazard is Red!"



Please call your respective vendors. These mails have been published multiple times.

Herewith inform to all the residents, The existing & new Car Wash vendors has been deployed in block wise as follows:

SL NO:                   BLOCKS                                NAME OF THE VENDOR                                 CONTACT PERSON                           CONTACT NO;       

1                              P,Q,R,G & H                        M/S. MSR Exelant Service                            Mr. Manjunath                                 +91 9880514260

2                              B & C                                     M/S.  Rehaboth Car Wash Service            Mr. Rajesh M Lazarus                     +91 9535670468

3                              A,D,E & F                             M/S. SLN Car & Bike Washing Service      Mr. Narendra                                    +91 9900192174/9980557290
From: Alpine Team 
Sent: Sunday, October 21, 2012 11:29 AM'
Subject: RE: [AlpineEcoGoV] Re: [OwnersAtAlpineECO] Waste segregation at Source mandatory from October 1

Dear Sir,

Herewith submitting survey report of waste management at the time of our visit at  M/s Shriram Spandana on 15th October 2012 at 1.00PM by myself & Mr. Manu Kumar.

Visited place information :
Name of the complex    M/s Shriram Spandana Apartment
No of Block                         33 Nos
No of Flat                            504 Nos
Total Area                           12.5 Acres

Consulted :-
Mr. Armugan     Assist Facility Manager
Mr. Kamalesh    Property Manger
Mr. Mohan         HK Supervisor

Waste management Operation Report:-
As per our visit we have observed that they had kept 4 Garbage bins in 4 different colors at each block detail as follows:-

·         YELLOW BIN -- DRY WASTE only, collected by BBMP once a week (paper, plastic, metal, e waste etc: Caution -milk and curd packets to be rinsed and dried, food waste to be removed from take away packets and then disposed)
·         GREEN BIN --- WET WASTE only, collected by BBMP every day (food waste, garden waste etc directly (NO plastic bag) into the green bin below each block Caution - BBMP has strictly forbidden the disposal of organic and vegetable waste in PLASTIC bags)
·         RED BIN --- MEDICAL WASTE only, collected by BBMP once a week (diapers, sanitary napkins, dog pooh, syringes etc. BBMP mandates that this has to be neatly wrapped in newspaper – NO PLASTIC bags)
·         BLUE BIN ---- GLASS WASTE only (beer bottles, glass panes, any other glass bottles, Caution – please wrap broken glass in a plastic bag for safety of the handlers)
MAIDS – Please individually take responsibility to communicate to your maids that the new system is mandatory. BBMP plans to impose a fine of Rs 500/-day/flat for non-compliance.
NEWSPAPERS: Daily, Weekly or once a lot of old newspaper gets accumulated in your house, please deposit the papers in the Yellow Bin.
USABLE WASTE (e.g. Old/ New Clothes, Woolens , Blankets , Footwear, Dry Ration, Sewing Machine, Umbrellas, School material, Magazines, Books, Bicycles, Spectacles, Toys, Games, Bedding, Blanket etc) – Waste management team organizes for Quarterly collection of these material by HK team.

And also we feel to display the instructions of waste disposal operations notice next to the lifts so that all the residents may have the chance to go thru it and we have taken some photographs which has been enclosed in this mail.

Thanks & Regards
K Jayanth Kumar
Manager - Facilities
The case studies from apts who have been successful champions of waste segregation are here:

I've attended the workshop and here are the brief learnings.
1. Unsegregated waste is the real waste. If segregated, more than 90% of the segregated waste is useful and can generate revenues.
2. 200 apts generating waste for 6 months can generate revenues of 1 lakh Rs. Src: NGV, Tungabhadra
2.1 Most valuable waste: paper cardboard, then comes glass bottles, wet waste, Unrecyclable: aluminium mixed with plastic wrappers like kurkure.
2.2 Hard lesson from most case studies: Only door to door pickup works, otherwise apt residents do not follow guidelines.
2.3 Little Manure helps composting wet waste like vegetable cuttings, leftovers, etc.
2.4 meeresh.blogspot.in
3. HK staff does doorstep collection. green bag for organic red for inorganic. Some segregation needs to be done at backend by HK staff.
4. sanitary pads and napkins not recyclable
5. paper sold to raddiwala, plastic to kay kay plastics, used for tarring roads, to benchmark measure waste before and after waste recycling.
6. Challenges: Competition between HK staff and housemaids for valuable waste. ewaste bin needed seperately.
7. Doorstep collection specifics: Wet waste collection everyday, newspaper collection once/twice a week. Unsegregated waste not collected
8. medicine waste gets incinerated by nearby hospital. need to tie up.
9. sites.google.com/site/managingwaste
10. Garbage drops bad model. door pickup the best. 
11. BBMP Addl Commisioner for solid waste: salmafahim[at]gmail[dot]com 9483500100 coming up with plans to enforce segregation
12. wet watse needs composters. block champions, even floor champions, green council, reward for max collection by HK staff.
13. waste needs to be tracked to block. regular pickup schedule most important to success. spread aware ness through childrens posters.
14. waste should be problem of mc as much as that of volunteers and residents.

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  • Please have a look at the short film.

Koramangala 3rd Block Wealth Off Waste (WoW) Project - a Film that tells the story, and can be used for spreading awareness and signing up folks into segregation. It could hopefully help and inspire other communities to also take up such initiatives

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I went there last weekend and gave them all the plastic waste I had collected over the last three months. The guys over there are enthusiastic about recycling plastic and thanked me for making the trip. They offered to come to my apartment periodically and pick up the waste themselves, provided there were enough residents interested. They already do this for some apartments in South Bangalore and also some companies, including Wipro. They pay Rs. 6/- per kg.

If you live around Kanakapura Road, I would urge you to consider segregating your plastic waste and giving it to them. They sounded a bit worried about getting sustained support from BBMP. As citizens, we can at least encourage these initiatives.

What are other apartments doing ?

** https://sites.google.com/site/managingwaste/
** http://www.dailydump.org/

Mail thread

From: Aparna 
Sent: Tuesday, 25 September 2012 2:34 AM
Subject: Waste segregation at Source mandatory from October 1

Hi ,
Here is my plan.
There are 6 categories of waste. We need to have separate containers for these per block or two blocks. Size of these containers will need to be thought about based on proportion of that waste category and rate of disposal. Some money needs to be invested here.

Weekly disposal (residents dispose themselves - Recycling organization truck collects from the bins in the basement weekly. they will do it for free)
1. Paper
2. Plastic
3. Metal, glass etc
4. Electronic Waste
Daily Disposal
5. Bio-Medical Waste (Normal/Toxic) (Residents dispose in newspaper bags only that they can make themselves. Housekeeping collects these bags in a separate trolley on a daily basis. Bio-Medical waste disposal company collects the waste daily from Alpine. We need to pay them)
6. Wet Waste  (Kitchen - eatable, vegetables, fruits) (Residents dispose in container with cap/lid. Housekeeping daily collect only the content of the container in a bucket which they later clean with water to avoid smell. BBMP collects waste without plastic covers)

Let me know if we can meet and take this forward.

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If you have plastic bottles to selll

There is this group of girls who recycle plastic bottles into beautiful jewellery and sell it at http://shopo.in/shop/silvernuttree. If you have enough plastic bottles to sell, consider selling it to them.


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