Renting Two Wheelers

Car on rent

  • Maruti Swift on Rent available on a monthly/daily basis. For details call at 08067134769/ 9663650011 - Madhabika Bhattacharya
  • Innova A/C (Yellow Board) Available for Taxi Service - Contact Kumar for rate details@9008465766 - Rajesh Mohan

Don't forget to read car owner's manual before driving to understand all the features of your new rented car.


Tracking Flights



  • the control room number of electronic city from where the buses start. You will get bus time information. BIAS BUS:077-609-91268

Complaints about Autos demanding excess fare

AutoComplaint.jpg Image courtesy:
If you face an auto with excess fare, you need to give a written complaint with few witness signatures at KR Puram (ph no K.R Puram : 080-25617951,080 25588444).Than RTO will have a spot inspection with field inspector, once caught red handed they shall cancel their licence.One or two actions of such will surely alert these auto guys else they keep taking us granted assuming these IT guys are least bothered for few hundred rupees.

Plz stop paying them more,indeed you are indirectly helping them to do so or the least you could do is note their auto registration no and call the above no in front of them.Feel free to call me in this regard if u face any langauge problem to talk these guys.You can also visit


Autowale ( ) 080- 66-111-111 has launched Dial An Auto facility.
If you plan an hour ahead, you can get an Auto by meter with Rs 20 service charge.
I have used it couple of times and its a nice alternative than negotiating to roadside autos.
24/7 book a rickshaw by phone and pay by meter.

"Auto Complaint" App on Android

I was recently charged 80 INR from Marathahalli bridge to Alpine (around 3Kms only !!).
I secretly noted the number and using app Auto Complaint on Android, I made a complaint to traffic police for excess fare charged.
I was careful enough not to let know the driver. I just remembered the number and later I sent email (app helps you in drafting email)
Finally, he was fined for it.It worth using and making them pay.Please use it so that they understand it well !!


Btw, where is the below screenshot from ?
this also shows same info

Violation will be Raised against Auto Rickshaw Driver for demanding excess fare and from next onwards kindly use our IVRS system for auto complaint

Alternatives to autos in bangalore


No more refusals… No more tampered meters…
Call EASY AUTO @ 9844112233 for an HONEST AUTO DRIVER

There's a new people-friendly initiative in town launched to bridge the gap between the citizen and the autorickshaw driver. A new website — — launched on Sunday, promises to make auto rides in the city easier and safer.

What does this website do? On logging on, you can select your start and end point. On entering these details, the website will provide details of autorickshaw drivers available in the area. This would include the driver's mobile number. You can call him and arrange for a ride without paying extra charges. "On Sunday, the day of our launch, 28 drivers have furnished details. There are over 100 in the pipeline. We are getting requests from many drivers to include them on the site," said Viswanath Seetharam, proprietor of According to him, it is not just easy access but also safety that the website provides. "We have the profile of all drivers, along with their photo uploaded on the website. The details include their registration number, license and home address. So in a situation where you forget your mobile or laptop in the autorickshaw , you could get it back. Apart from that, safety for passengers is also ensured as they come under the website ," said Vishwanath.

Meru Cabs

I have been pretty impressed with 'Meru Cabs'.
If I have to go outstation by road/rail/air or returning from outstation, I go to:
and book a taxi online.
Half an hour before the appointed time the driver gets in touch with you on your mobile. The cabs are neat and the drivers are well dressed in their uniform.If your bus is late, then you can tell him so and he will adjust accordingly. The fares are very reasonable. They are available 24 x 7.
Even if I have to go to MG Road, I rather book a 'Meru Cab' online than get involved with extortionist auto rickshaw drivers who levy you exorbitant charges.
Anyone from anywhere - ingressing into Bangalore or egressing out of Bangalore - can make use of their services.
They book for the day (and 24 hours after it).
Don't make the mistake of calling them up on your phone. The reason is that your phone calls are routed to their call centres and you get charged Rs 50 additional as 'convenience charge'. Online booking saves you this additional cost.

UPDATE: Any cab service who is willing to operate (For Sure) between Alpine and KRPuram Railway station.
Last time I tried Meru cabs and car did not arrive for no reason and caused very in convenience to me. I though the distance is too less for him to turn up.


I ahe been using Cell Cabs for past 3 years and my experience has also been very good.
I call them up on their Land line no 60609090. Once i give my Mob no they repeat my address
from their records for confirmation. They also send an SMS confirming my booking.
I get a call from the driver half an hour to one hour before the reporting time. some drivers
need directions. Most of them speak Hindi or some English. They always come in time and
the drivers have uniform and are polite. they issue a bill printed from hand held machine.For
return journeys from Airport or Rly Station here and also in some other towns like Chennai, Hyderabad,Coimbatore, Kichi etc their services are available. I am just adding to the list of good service providers. Each one to his/her choice!

Easy Cabs

Easy Cabs (Phone 4343 4343) was recommended by several friends. Yesterday we booked Easy Cabs to report at 1830 hrs to drop our guest at City Railway Station. Here's the timeline of what happened.

10:26 Confirmatory SMS giving booking nr as 8001275
18:01 SMS giving vehicle nr as 2928 and driver's phone nr as 99007 39295 and confirmation that "your cab will reach you as scheduled."
18:25 Went downstairs with luggage.
1830 No sign of cab. Phoned driver. He said that he's in Hennur and was facing problems with the vehicle. He was "going to phone the office."
1832 Went upstairs to get booking nr. Phoned Easy Cabs. He put me on Hold "to verify details."
1840 Easy Cabs said that the driver is not picking up the phone and they don't have any spare vehicle.


I use startaxy - no GPS ,no SMS etc but have kept their commitments all the time day or night.Charges are low . Around Rs 450 for 4 hrs 40 kms and 800-850 for 8 hrs 80 km. Airport trips around Rs 550. for casual trips it is Rs 150 for first 10 kms and 12 rs for additional km as I remember
Fix payment during booking to avoid ambiguity

star taxy 43432323

Spot Taxi

both easy cab and Meru does show lot of excuses when booked apart from airport. I find Spot city tax - 411 00000 much better and punctual for usage inside Bangalore.



Try Manju : 9945333359. I use this every time. Very reasonable guy operating from next to Alpine Eco (he always mistakes the name with alpenlebie :-) ). He arranges taxi for reasonable rates.

Hiring Drivers

Shanmuka travels

080-60508080 this is shanmuka travels number. These guys provide cabs as well as car drivers.
Local travel (within Bangalore): 10 hours ——500rs
For outstation travel please check with them. They provide reliable drivers.

Have used them a few times now – reliable and good drivers..
Used them twice for outstation trips also – drivers have been safe and experienced.

EziDrive 08042400000
Very reliable. I have been using their services for a long time now.

S R Cabs

I have tried S R Cabs but not too happy with the 1st experience. SR Cabs seem to be unreliable and their drivers overcharge the KM's.

Hiring Volvo Buses


From M.V.Ramana Murthy ,

Incident 1
It happened few months back. We were travelling and I and my family
were waiting in the A/C waiting room at Secunderabad Station. The
attached bathroom was not clean and was giving bad smell. Added to
this dicomfiture, the bathroom door was not closing tight , and I also
observed that shutter was not closing tight because of faulty door
closer. I complained to the attendant .
I also sent an SMS " The bathroom of A/C waiting room on platform No
1 of Secunderbad Station is dirty and stinking. Pl arrange cleaning .
Also the the door is not closing properly". After few minutes we left
the waiting room as our train arrival was announced. Within few
minutes I received text reply from Railways, givinng an Id No and
that action will be taken . After few hours I received a message that
the bathroom has been cleaned . After ten days I received another
message that the faulty door has been repaired and thanking me.
Incident 2
Recently on 24 th October I and my wife were travelling by Hyderabd
Ajmeer Express on our Rajasthan trip. Next day morning , I noticed
there was no water in the bathroom and the taps are all dry, wheras
our journey will continue and we will be reaching our destination (
Bhilwara near Ajmeer) after another 18 hours. I was worried that it
is going to be a miserable time to travel without water. Water or No
water, people will continue to use the bathrooms and the stink will
become unbearable. I complained to the Conductor. I also sent a SMS
"Travelling in the A1 compartment of Hyderabad Ajmeer express train No
12720. No water in the bathrooms . Pl arrange. Also replace leaking
valves else problem repeats." Pat came the reply" Your reference id
is 1110250019. For status visit or SMS as
STATUS<SPACE><id> TO 8121281212 . Thanks for registering complaint "
. After about 20 minutes I received message that water will
be filled at the nearest Railway station having water filling
facility. At Itarsi station water was filled and we had no problem .
After about a week I received another message that the faulty valves
have been replaced . It wa amazing.
I am thankful to the Railway authorities for introducing a sytem where
one can complain from a running train and doubly grateful that they
have acknowleged the complaint and attended.
I collected this help line number from the Railway waiting room !
Many times while travelling by train we are put to unexpected
incovenience , we react by cursing and criticizing. No other response.
Ofcourse once we reach our destination we just forget.
There is no use in cursing the darkness around you, do light a candle
however small it be, it gives an inspiration and ten more candles will
be lit . The process continues reducing the darkness.
The Railway Number to which you can SMS is 8121281212 . Please pass
on this message to your friends and it may help some one in need
including you.

u can visit for more info

Autos to avoid in Alpine Eco region

Snap of the rogue Auto - please avoid this auto for reasons listed below. The auto owner reportedly misbehaved and overcharged a lady commuter from Alpine Eco, threatened passersby who tried to help her.

  • rogue_auto.jpg

On Mon, May 14, 2012 at 3:15 PM, Geeta & Sandeep wrote:

Hi Alpine Security Group,

Recently there was an incident where an auto driver misbehaved with a lady
outside Alpine Eco gate and our security staff refused to help stating that
they would not help if anything happens outside the gate.  Even Ms Anupama More
who was present at that time was curt and refused to extend any form of help to
the lady in trouble.

It is  very unfortunate that our security believes in turning a blind eye to
whatever goes on right outside our homes. The area in and around the outer ring
road already is famous for all the mugging and eve teasing incidents.  There is
hardly any police presence in the area.  If all the apartments around this area
have the same mentality, then it is a big boost to the crooks who run this
area.  Request you to look into this.


From: aurobindo nayak
Subject: Re: [AEO] Fwd: Alpine Security turning a blind eye to misbehaviour outside our gate
Date: Monday, 14 May, 2012, 4:17 PM

Even the auto guys do not ply to the desired destinations or they ask phenomenal rates...
i had complained to an online no- 08025588555 couple of days back...if nothing at-least
take down the no and complain for records...

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