The state of the STP at Eco is badly designed, under capacity and needs an overhaul. Also, please be wary of the fact that bad air circulation at the STP plant means the vendors working in it are in a room with high quantities of methane which is explosive. Some of the related documents are already uploaded at Apnacomplex. They include quotations, STP blueprints and vendor analysis as well as a pictorial representation of what we have and what good operating ones look.

But as a fellow owner who does not know everything, don't take our word for it. Urge that you please take some time off go and inspect the STP yourself. please walk by the STP and take a look , make notes, click pictures, compare with other STPs at other complexes, ask friends in the know and decide for yourself and share conclusions.

STP Specifications

details of physical tank capacity as given to us by current operator:

1) Aeration Tank: 148191 ltr
2) Anaerobic Tank: 148191 ltr
3) Settling Tank: 65000 ltr
4) Clarifier: 148191 ltr
5) Final Tank: 123560 ltr

    I: Urgent Jobs
    a) Grit remover - Bar screen is corroded and needs replacement
    b) Equalisation Tank - Aeration Tank the pipe is  2" dia, needs to be increased so that it can handle the rush of water during monsoon.
    c) Industrial Fan for circulating fresh air close to the blowers Cost estimate between Rs 8000 - Rs 12000 per fan.
    d) Chlorination in the final process
    e) Use of chemical 'biocid' till the plant is revamped and in good working condition.

    II: Remaining Jobs
    a) Stop all rain water and exposed drains to carry excess water to the STP
    b) Sludge removal machine to be reinstalled
    c) Methane  collected to be pumped out.
    d) Improve the condition of the Aeration Tank - by allowing increased circulation of oxygen.

Mail Threads

From: Kuldip Chakraborty 
To: MCAt Alpine Eco  
Cc: ecotech.bangalore[at]gmail[dot]com 
Sent: Wednesday, 3 October 2012 2:27 PM
Subject: [AlpineEcoGoV] STP Issues

This is the update on the STP issues and some reasons why we have smelly water right now. I think we finally a reason for the unexplained spike in water consumption other than swimming pool water usage.

State of Operations With Previous Vendor
There were 4 submerged pumps to lift sewerage water into the treatment plant(this is an incorrect design as these pumps are not made to lift raw sewerage)
Hence 3 pumps don't work
1 pump used to throw most of the water into outside drains 
A direct fresh water line was there into the final STP tank which pumped fresh water into final STP tank

Recommendation of Ecotech (temporary fixes)
Fix one pump, the least expensive to repair. This will cost up to Rs.10,000/- and doesn't carry a warranty since it is a submerged pump
One other pump has been fixed by Ecotech's engineer
Start ACTUAL STP operations WITHOUT fresh water
Give a week to stabilise the bacteria content
No biocide to be added

This is the least expensive option to have a treatment plant that doesn't use fresh water.
MC-> Please approve/disapprove the solution 
Dr. Ananth -> Please correct me if I am wrong

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Estate Manager Alpine 
To: Paras Jain
Cc: Jaiganesh Murugesan  
Sent: Thursday, February 23, 2012 1:35 PM
Subject: Re: [OwnersAtAlpineECO] Stinking Water in the commodes

Dear Sir,
I would like to inform you that regards to the STP flush water we should not use fresh water due to water constraint.

As per Global Envirotech statement STP Issues is given below :- Our STP plant
capacity which is built by builder is for 2.8 lakhs liters per day and we have
inflow of 4 lakhs per liter per day.  As per provision given by builder all the
waste water is connected to STP .We should have only sewage water in to the STP
line, for better performance of the plant.For example.In STP we have observed
waste oil,paints,acids, clothes, plastic and other waste things flow along with
STP line which we are not able to arrest.As it is biological plant and the
bacteria (Microbes) are dead.And the water quality start deterioration, it
takes 15/20 days to breed again for the bacteria.  We have 2 blowers  in our
STP plant In which one is break down.So we are not able to run the blower for
24 hrs.This is the reason we are not getting highest quality of water. As we
have observed from couple of days we find the water is fine.  As we have
ascertained the repaired blower which is one of  the  local supplier at Delhi,
so the spare parts of which is not available at Bangalore, as it we have to go
for new blower.We have already taken the quotation & forwarded to MC and it is
in the process to finalize . And takes 4 to 6 weeks lead time to get the new
blower.  Suggestion :-Previously we were using Biocid chemical for a month as
trail,  the result was good.If we start using the same chemical with extra cost
of Rs.12000/- approx per month we can solve this issue.
Thanks & regards
Manu Kumar Mohanta
Facility Manager
On Tue, May 15, 2012 at 4:25 PM, Kuldip Chakraborty  wrote:
There is more to it…
1. STP requires fresh air all the time to operate. Our STP is enclosed in a
basement with no ventilation and hence no fresh air

2. There are blowers that circulate fresh air through the STP and we have only
one of them. The other one broke down. The operator keeps stopping the blower
from time to time to keep it working. Without air circulation bacteria cannot
work on the solid waste since its an aerobic process. The bacteria is fairly
useless without fresh air and irregular circulation of whatever air is there.

3. There is an equipment called sludge press that should remove the digested
solid waste from the water before circulating it back. The sludge press was
never commissioned in our STP. So the waste in both digested and undigested
form is never separated from the water and gets deposited in the flush tanks.
Now you know the reason for the dirty water.

So just using STP water will not solve the problem. The problem is on a much
bigger scale and needs a long term solution. There is another problem as well.
The methane from the STP is accumulated in the basement. There is no
ventilation. I was in the STP and I could feel a burning sensation in my nose.
If you want to know the consequences of large scale methane accumulation then
just google and you will know the problem that we have on our hands. 

All this backed up the observations of the water consultant we had hired to
study the situation. So I am not cooking facts out of thin air nor using my
From: "SHANKAR" <shankar[at]sankalp-enterprises[dot]com>
Date: July 3, 2012 11:03:57 AM GMT+05:30
Subject: Alpine Eco - STP 
Dear Sir / Madam,

With regard to the above subject and to the visit by our technical team 
personnel on 30th June 2012.

We would like to bring to your notice that following need to be accepted and
rectified before even we would quote for Revamp/Recommissioning and O&M.

The rain water harvesting line has been connected to Equalisation tank which
needs to be separated from the STP equalisation for the following reasons.
1.       The BOD level in the rain water shall be almost nil and there by the
purpose of having conventional system with aeration functionality gets
detoriated and causes the quality problem.
2.       The equalisation tank is not designed to take care of the Rain water
quantity the size of the Equalisation tank is designed to take care of Peak
load of waste water generated.
3.       Due to the above the system functionality with respect to quantity and
quality causes problem.

Looking at the above we advise to divert the Rain water and handle it
separately as that is a good water and by just storing and filtering the water
can be made suitable for reuse and the same is handles by different
professional people.

Hope the above is inline and request you to let us know on the above so that we
can discuss further and make proposal accordingly and send it to you for
further necessary action.

STP BluePrint


Other STP Snaps

STP Entrance - Inside its full of methane due to poor air circulation


Main Intake Tank - Needs Frequent cleaning due to lodged debris


Unused STP apparatus to operate on sludge provided but never installed


Only operational STP Blower - works for 8 hrs but STP needs a blower 24/7


State and need of STP - Extracts of report by GoV volunteer Ipsita

Item Ours Ideal
Pumps Pumps%20in%20present%20condition%20%28both%20need%20urgent%20replacement%29.jpg Pumps%20well%20maintained.jpg
Brine Tank Condition%20of%20our%20Brine%20Tank.jpg How%20it%20should%20be.jpg
Sand Filter Ours is low capacity with non working gauges. So its unable to process as much sewage water and the we are unable to see how it is performing Low%20Capacity%20Sand%20Filter%20Cylinder%20with%20Pressure%20Gauges%20not%20working.jpg Proper%20-%20Sand%20Filter%20Capacity%20and%20Gauges.jpg
Resin Filter Resin%20Filter%20Condition%20of%20Pipes%20and%20Gauges.jpg Resin%20Filter%20in%20good%20working%20condition.jpg


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