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As per Nishants suggestion, a better way to organize services, so that they are easily viewable. Do check the other Quick-contact-list page for all the other services like gas, broker, travel, dentist, painting, newspaper, packers, etc.

Type of Service Contacts Link Remarks
Electricity Mr Santosh (9731172196) or Mr Narayanswamy (9449844674)
Plumber Niranjan 9341249812 as he did a good job dealing with the seepage in my apartment
Party Organizers WheelyGoodFood: 9844223366 call for special discount for eco residents
Furniture hirers Rahul : 08022899209. He's based put of Shivajinagar and has beds, cots, sofas, almirahs all for hire and can deliver them to your doorstep
Lawyer Lots of links
Caterer Lots of links
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