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General Guidelines for a checklist for Renting a Flat at Alpine Eco. Note that these guidelines may not be comprehensive and the responsibility ultimately rests on the Apartment Owner and the Tenant. If you want to buy a flat at Alpine Eco instead, do check buying-flat.

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Future Tenants at Alpine Eco.

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Renting Checklist

A set of things to check before you move in
Sno Task Remarks Check
1. Are maintenance dues to the association paid ? You should approach the MC ( association office) for confirming any No Dues certificate for your flat at least 48 hours n advance of any move-in for your flat. If your owner did not pay the maintenance for the last few months then you ask him to clear the maintenance and then only rent the flat. Else you may end up paying the dues. the No Dues Certificate becomes mandatory for Moving In or Out. It is recommended that the application is placed more than 48 hours before the Association Office. Persons authorised to stamp and sign is our Accounts staff ONLY. Moving In or Out needs to be first supported by this certificate of NO DUES. The NOC from Alpine Builder will not suffice in this case. Shifting is to be complete between 06.00 hrs - 20.00hrs.We sincerely regret situations who have not secured the document prior to the shifting and the MC or Security personnel will not be in a position to help out-of-office working hours with requests. Please remember to secure your NDC ahead of time from the Association Office!
2. Is it legal ? Check for approvals (ask some residents), especially for Ground and 11th floor Flats.
3. Do you know where you are going to park your car ? Do you have 2 cars and only 1 parking lot ? And is the parking lot disputed ? Get a scanned copy of the allotment letter from your flat owner. Check with the Alpine Eco Owners Association Office for any discrepancy. Also before moving in, get your parking stickers
4. Can you park there? Some parking slots are only on paper, In reality they have transformers, others have borewells. check the parking page for more info. Is it open/closed ? lot nos. in alpine need to be suffixed by open/close to make them unique. eg. #131 could refer to either 131 open or 131 closed
5. Check for leaks, grouting issues, flow of water in the bathroom, kitchen sink, etc.
6. Check for keys to Postbox OR Does your flat have a Postbox? Earlier, the unapproved flats did not have a Postbox. That seems sorted but they are still unapproved.
7. Check for electricity bill, verify RR number and make sure electricity dues are paid for Find the RR number (ask your owner) for the flat and Check at the BESCOM Site
8. No Dues Certificate Need to have the NoDuesCertificate signed by the Estate Office Finance staff before you can move-in/out. This has to be obtained during the office work timings.
9. Move-in Charges Without this charge. you may not be able to get into alpine premises with the luggage. You can obtain this by paying a sum of Rs. 1500(indicative) at the Association Office. Keep the receipt with you and show it security at the time of Moving-in. Without this, security will not allow any goods van to enter the apt complex. It also covers the cost of other things that the Association Office will endeavor to provide to all residents. viz. effort in verification, stickers and the software to maintain and track complaints
10. Clubhouse/ Swimming pool Access: Are you one too many ? A 2 bedroom flat can comfortably house three members and a 3Bedroom flat can comfortably house 4 members. Any more than that and you will end up inconveniencing yourself and the society you plan to live in. Note that for clubhouse access, for a 2BHK, max 3 persons are allowed. For a 3BHK, max 4 persons are allowed.

After you move in

  • Get your parking stickers
  • Join the group.
  • Intercom: Get intercom. As of now, everybody uses Tata Indicom. For just communicating with the security gate and other flats for free, it does the job nicely. At ~Rs 50 /month for only pure intercom usage, its a nice thing to have. You can get a Tata Indicom Landline number /for free intercom use (rs 600/yr) from Abhinav 9243460999 / Abhinit 9243015183. Also contact them for wired Internet connection.Tata Indicom problems : Tirtha B : 9243499752
  • Gas:
  • Transport:
  • Maids:
  • Car Wash:
  • Newspaper
  • Milk
  • Internet

Some of the contacts are available at quick-contact-list. The rest are yet to come.

More questions

Use the Mailing Lists.

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