From: mcatalpineeco
Sent: Monday, 18 June 2012 6:47 PM
Subject: [ResidentsAtAlpineECO] Notice Regarding Change in Operating Hours of Swimming Pool

Dear Residents,

In order to reduce the Swimming pool down time we need to take certain measures for its maintenance. Based on our discussion with the Swimming Pool Vendor, following steps are being taken:

1) Change in daily maintenance time : The daily maintenance time would be changed to 12pm - 3pm effective immediately. This is due to the fact that current shutdown time of 2 hours is not enough to cover the complete pool.

2) Weekly shutdown : The Swimming pool will be closed every Tuesday for maintenance. This is needed for swimming pool operator to scrub off various floors.

3) No shutdown on Sunday : Please note that there will not be any Pool shutdown on Sunday.

Based on the above following are the hours :

Sunday : Open all hours
Monday : Open all hours except 12pm - 3pm
Tuesday: Closed all day
Wednesday : Open all hours except 12pm - 3pm
Thursday : Open all hours except 12pm - 3pm
Friday : Open all hours except 12pm - 3pm
Saturday : Open all hours except 12pm - 3pm

Thanks for your cooperation in this regard.



Swimming pool rules and regulations
1. Swimming pool maintenance timings between 12PM to 3PM
2. Cleaning of Swimming pool is done every day (6days in a week)
3. Taking shower is mandatory before entering the swimming pool .it’s also advisable to take shower once you get out of the pool.
4. Wearing proper Swimming tracks or swim suits and caps is mandatory. Nobody is allowed to enter the swimming pool without wearing them .This holds good for ladies, gents and children also.
5. Association is not responsible for your safety in the swimming pool
6. Children below the age of 12years must be strictly accompanied by the parents/guardians
7. Eatables and drinks are not allowed around the swimming pool
8. People with skin disease or any other contagious disease should not enter /will not be permitted in swimming poll
9. The residents are requested not to keep their belongings inside the rest room and loss of things is at the owner risk.
10. The swimming pool is not manned by a life guard at any time. Resident are member safety/you are requested to be extra careful during usage of pool.
11. Wearing swimming pool caps must for gents/ladies/children’s without swim cap no one is allowed to enter the pool
12. Swimming pool will be closed on weekly shut down (Every Tuesday)



  • Currently operational. need a mechanism to prevent entry of birds in the indoor clubhouse area.

Did you know?

  • Refilling the pool with fresh borewell water costs about 4 tankers or Rs 3500-4000 everytime.
  • The water is completely changed every 6 months
  • Maintaining the pool in operating condition normally costs us about Rs 21k every month
  • Heard that not wearing the right dress can clog the filters and need subsequent repair, but i dont have any concrete proof, someone can confirm

Pool Maintenance

Ideal results

For chlorine test, anything between 1.0 to 1.5 will be ideal.
For pH test, anything between 7.2 to 7.6 will be considered ideal.

Get Well Plan for Pool

get well plan:
1. As per the contract with ecotech, if we ask for any test there will be an
additional charge of Rs.1800.00 per sample. We hereby approve this expenditure
one time as a sample report. Please have this test result tabled by the 25 Oct

2. As per clause no 2 & 3 of the Terms & Conditions there has to  be 2 visits a
month by an Environmental Scientist of Ecotech for process analysis and process
trouble shooting and 2 visits by an experienced mechanic per month.  We request
a profile of your environmental scientist for our records.  

3. We will keep a register/ log book to enter the details of the visit and your
Environmental Engineers observations available at the Clubhouse. Same for the
mechanic / technician. Ideally, the visit should happen once every two weeks.

4. For any reason , if the committed visits are not made and the entries in the
register not made,  then there should be deductions on pro-rata basis from the
monthly bills.

5. We will maintain a photo record of Ph and chlorine tests of the
outdoor pool.  Less than ideal readings of chlorine and pH test will be treated
as deficiency in services rendered and pro-rata basis deductions will be made
from the monthly bills.


Mr.Devaiah 9632427597 Email devaiah.ecotech[at]gmail[dot]com

Pool and the Bird Menace

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