No matter how little money and how few possessions, you own, having a dog makes you rich.-Louis Sabin


BBMP Vaccination license

About the BBMP dog licence. You need to get the vaccines and the anti-rabies shots complete. The BBMP enlisted vet is: Dr Sahadev and his number is: +919480683545. He will ask for a form to be filled and photocopies of the vaccine shots. The licence is valid until 31st March and needs to be renewed every year.


1 pet per flat : No one can force anyone to limit to any # of pets. Actually the BBMP law was for 3 dogs. which thrashed by the central govt.
In a strongly worded letter to BBMP chief S Siddaiah, AWBI’s chairman Major General (retired) RW Kharb said the proposed law is arbitrary, irrational and a blatant violation of the rights guaranteed to all citizens.

Stray Dogs

Please contact BBMP animal husbandary guys if you encounter problems with stray dogs. Also For stray dogs menace: (source
2571-1036 (East Zone) - CUPA
2672-4036 (South Zone) - ARF
2341-1181 (West Zone) - SPCA

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