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Association neither encourages nor discourages owners to keep pets. However, since it
is understood that it is the right of owners to enjoy full ownership of their Apartments,
either banning pets or letting pets in the complex without proper safeguards is a violation
of the above right.

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Pet owners are expected to exercise their right to acquire and maintain a pet making sure
that in the process they do not violate someone else’s right to enjoy the ownership of his
apartment without hindrance. Accordingly, the following rules are framed governing pets.
1. Whenever a pet is kept, it has to be intimated to the Management Committee in
advance (i.e. before acquiring a pet). In case of any dispute as to whether a
particular animal constitutes a "Pet", the decision of the Management Committee
based on normal prudence, will be the final decision.
2. All Pets will be acquired within the purview of Laws, Rules and Regulations
notified by the Government and other Civic Authorities. In case someone
acquires a pet prohibited by law, Association considers it its moral responsibility
to actively inform concerned authorities.
3. Owners will ensure that Pets are not a nuisance to the other residents in Alpine
The owners of the pets should be fully responsible for cleaning the droppings,
etc. within the complex and will deposit the same in the garbage bins.
4. Pets will be properly inoculated, and the inoculation certificates submitted to the
Pets will be properly restrained when outside the Flats to which they belong.
Such restraints maybe chains/leases or other suitable restraints depending on
the nature of pets.
5. Pets will not be left unattended in the Flats for unreasonable duration. This is to
protect the interest of the Pet as well as the neighbors. Association reserves the
right to take suitable action as deem fit in such situations.
6. Pets will not be allowed in the following locations:
a. Swimming Pool Area.
b. Club House.
c. Children’s Play Area.
d. Temple.
e. Green areas like lawns and gardens.
7. Amphitheatre will be otherwise allowed but out of bounds for pets if an official
event is organized. Use of Lifts for ferrying pets will be governed by the facts that
people come before pets. Accordingly, while empty lifts maybe used to take pets
to higher floors and bring them down without restrictions, the following points
stand valid:
a. The Pet has to be taken out in case someone who is already in the lift or
is desirous of taking the lift objects to the pet,
b. In case of Children and Elders, pets need to be necessarily taken out of
the lift, if already in the Lift prior to person(s) belonging to this group
being there, or not taken into the lift if person(s) belonging to this group is
in the lift,
c. Ensure that the Lift is free of Pet Litter like Hair, Droppings, Urine etc.
8. With respect to a pet, if the safety of any Person(s) is in jeopardy, Security
stands advised to take appropriate action.
9. Cost of any damages, injuries, etc caused by Pets despite the above safeguards
will be billed to the concerned Pet owner.
10. For all violations involving pets, a fine will be imposed over and above cost of
damages. Repeat violations of the same nature will impose twice the normal fine
amount. The base amount of fine for first offense is as below:
a. Allowing Pets to roam unattended in the complex in lobbies and corridors
and prohibited areas: Rs 500.00.
b. Allowing Pets to roam around in Lobbies and Corridors and prohibited
areas: Rs 1000.00 as the practice in these close confines or in proximity
to children is more dangerous.
c. Taking Chained or Leashed Pets to prohibited areas: Rs. 500.00.
d. Not cleaning up after your pet: Rs 500.00

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