Howto obtain Parking stickers

The Parking Laws

Taken from the byelaws

1. Residents’ vehicles without Association authorized stickers will not be allowed
inside Alpine Eco.
2. Driving in wrong direction, parking in drive ways and non-cooperation with Security
staff in the performance of their legitimate duties will attract penalty.
3. Parking of vehicles in others’ car parks without permission from the concerned
owner/Association will also attract penalty.
4. Any luggage/goods/vehicles of residents and vendors can be subjected to checking
while moving out by security if required. Shifting of material in and out of the
complex should be done only between 7 AM and 9 PM.
5. Owners/occupants while driving their vehicles inside Alpine Eco should be
judicious in the use of sound horn and restrict the speed of the vehicles to prevent
accidents and to ensure the safety of life and property. Reversing horns/music is
banned inside Alpine Eco.
6. No resident will use the car park area for any purpose other than for parking of
cars/two wheelers. Storage, cooking, carpentry etc. in car park area are prohibited
without prior approval of Association.
7. No parking area shall be let out by its owner to any one other than a member of the
Association or a tenant or another owner residing in the complex and for no other
purpose than parking of vehicles.
8. No vehicles are to be parked in the common areas. An owner/tenant is allowed to
park his vehicle in another’s allotted space only with the permission, in writing, of
the owner communicated to the Association.
9. No Owner/Resident shall park his/her/their car or two wheeler except at the place
allotted to him/her/them. Owners of two wheelers not allotted parking spaces shall
park their vehicles inside the boundary of the Building only at the discretion of the
MC. Visitors' vehicles shall parked only in the designated area in the Building.

1. For security, all visitors have to identify themselves to the Security Staff while
entering the complex by signing the visitors’ book.
2. Visitors will be allowed inside the Complex only after verification by the concerned
owner to security over phone.
3. Visitors are not expected to use any of the common facilities provided in the
Complex. Visitors’ vehicles have to be parked purely temporarily in the designated
visitor parking area only. Chauffeur driven vehicles after drop/pickup should be
parked in the visitors parking area only.


Wrong Driving in Opposite Direction


Wrong - Parking in the Driveway


Speed Limit


Wrong Parking 1


Wrong Parking 2


Wrong Parking 3


We understand that you know all these basics, but we still see at-least 10 to 20 such violations in Alpine ( every day ). Any exceptions, please get prior approvals from Security Supervisor and Estate manager.

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