Parking Team
Block name Volunteer Flat Number Contact Details
D-Glarus Sandeep Sahasrabudhe 706
R-Mont Titlis
Q-Mont Rosa
P-Mont Blanc

We are looking for volunteers from every block. There can be more than 1 volunteer from every block. So please go ahead and volunteer.
Its not a permanent fixture role. You can volunteer until it doesn't consume too much of your time and move out of the role whenever you need to.

So, If you have an hours bandwidth over the coming few weekends, please volunteer by sending a mail with the subject "volunteering for better parking" to rohit_talukdar ( at ) yahoo ( dot )com or call 9886 330 440.
Please state your name, flat, block and phone number.

  • Charter For Volunteers
  1. To help in validation of all parking related details for the block residents.
  2. To ensure that all block residents have parking stickers and make them gently aware that its "nice" to park at their designated places only.
  3. In the event of maintenance/repair/festival/function, if the vehicles need to be shifted to another spot, shall advice and assist in coordinating the same.
  4. To report all parking violations that are experienced by their block residents and relay to security, the details of offending vehicles.
  5. To assist in editing these pages.(You'll get perms to edit these pages)
  6. To help formulate ideas/ policies for better parking.

Its more or less a thankless job. But you'll get some self satisfaction that you did your bit.

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