Parking Faq
by xkcd

[Until we get info about parking details {parkinglot, flatnumber} from the builder, its going to be difficult to validate the parking database.]

(Its not easy to to get the parking database from the builder because they keep making us call them again & again).
Following are some of the feedback received from the parking database initiative.

Meanwhile, all the parking related forms have been added to (yahoo sign-in required)

We are also looking for volunteers from every block.
Note: Items were categorized after numbering, so they are not sequentially numbered.

  • Question/Suggestions to residents Question Submitter Response
5. I have a suggestion . Kindly request the owners / tenants not to park the their vehicles in exit areas which is meant only for exit. and not to overcrowd the parking area with too many two wheelers in car parking areas. M.Aravindakshan Menon PENDING
11. If someone is parking in a lot which is not allotted to him, please leave your mobilenum there Rabinarayan PENDING
  • For Builder/Assoc. Question Submitter Response
1. Dear All, Instead of maintaining techy data base, why dont we keep it simple - that all 4 wheelers entering ALPINE ECO mandatory have alpine eco sticker with flat no & block written over it.Let us keep things simple. suveerkoul Needs to be implemented by Builder/Assoc.
2. Please ensure that people who are not a part of this group also fill this form. sandeep.geeta If we make stickers mandatory for all incoming vehicles, think we can get them too!
3. Parking stickers alone will not help. Enforcement of no-entry for vehicles that do not have parking stickers is of high importance. ssreeniv True
4. My allotted parking lot 159 is not marked with my flat number .Already requested Alpine to do the same. Manikanda Dasan Same is the case with many others too, Need to ask Builder/Assoc.
6. Entry to B Block parking lot is damaged from last 10 days. No one seems to be looking into it. Please advice the right people to have a look and get it repaired asap. We face problem while entering or leaving parking area. Ajay Kumar PENDING
7. 1.To close the water tap near parking no 85 and allocate a separate place for car wash. At present since it is unmanned there is water wastage and makes the adjacent parking space messy with water that gets carried in your car 2.Boundary lines in open car space as sometimes the car are not aligned causing difficulty in parking space available sanjeev anand PENDING
9. We heard in the meeting last time, that the wall towards Alpine mart is unstable and fall over . My parking is facing that wall. I am terribly concerned about damaging my car. can we start looking into that issue actively please? Prachi PENDING
10. To be honest, i am not parking my 2 wheeler in the parking slot alotted to me, as space is not enough there to park 2 wheeler + car (Thanks to Alpine….). There are some space/area in parking which does not affect to assigned parking slot + does not affect movement of vehicals in the parking area, i am using that area to park my 2 wheeler. In long term, how are we planning this?? any thoughts??? Submitter PENDING
12. Whenever i visit Alpine ECO i find a car parked in my Parking and then i have to find the person and get the car removed. Can anybody insure that it does not happen. I have wasted hours doing this multiple times Vivek Shukla PENDING
13. After we have completed the exercise of registration of all vehicles and parking nos, the security should be advised to check for vehicles parked that do not belong to residence of alpine else the entire efforts can be futile Priti Anand PENDING
15. Last couple of weeks had been a nighmare….as a few gentlemen leave their cars park in the passage of entry-1. Manish Bakshi PENDING
16. Clearly mark entry and exit ways and drive ways in the parking lot. Praveen / Gopalakrishnan PENDING
17. Parking Stickers should have Flat No. and Parking Lot No. on them. Sticker should be made mandatory for all vehicles belonging to the colony. Geeta Sundaram PENDING
18. Although 639(closed) is the allocated parking for us, it is always filled with trash and construction debris. Therefore we park in whatever un-allocated slot is available in the vicinity Anand Shastri PENDING
  • No Action required
8. Why 2 forms for 2 vehicles, it shld be one. Internally you can divide Satish Nice thought, but what if you have three 2-wheelers ?
14. "currrently i dont have any vehicle, but i filled my details for the further reference. Rajeev Jha PENDING
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