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Quip: You know, somebody actually complimented me on my driving today. They left a little note on the windscreen, it said 'Parking Fine.'”

How many Stickers can you have for a parking lot

For one parking lot (open or closed), you can have either:

  • Upto 1 car and two 2-wheelers OR
  • Upto four 2-wheelers.

How to ask for a Parking sticker in Apnacomplex

Step 1: Logon to AC-> Go to My Vehicles and enter parking details


Step 2: Select "Add Vehicle"and enter all the vehicle details (under Vehicle description please add vehicle color)


Step 3: Using the complaint Logging System by request for a new sticker by going to AC-> Complaints -> Select "Request" , Category as "Issue Parking Sticker", mention parking lot details in Description and upload Parking Allottment Letter as a pdf.


Please see [Parking Stickers Rules.pdf] for the steps with screenshots.

Visitors Parking Lots

UNFORTUNATELY we have NO visitor parking lots within Alpine Eco premises.
Normally builder should provide us approx 10% parking lots so that we can allot them for visitor parking within the apartment premises, but somehow we failed to get them as builder escaped this pretty easily. ( Now don't ask me why we failed to get these parking lots at the time of take-over, its leads into a new mail chain which diverts the present issue here ).

Kindly consider our present limitations and request your visitors / relatives to park their vehicles outside alpine eco. If its any special case with any genuine concern. please get necessary approvals from MC well in advance (in written and stamped) so that security can allot the place opp to temple on a temporary basis for one or two days for specific cases with genuine concerns like medical / emergency etc..


1. Request your visitors NOT to create any nuisance when their vehicles are locked for parking violations. As mentioned at several occasions, the fine would be upwards of 200/- INR. Follow the rules and cooperate with each other.
2. If someone try to break the locks, there would be an additional penalty of 1000/- INR
3. Also please make sure you have your parking lot number written on your parking sticker. Stickers without parking lot number written on it are considered as void.


Note that the MC/GoV does not arbitrate in the case of 2 owners claiming the same parking lot. There are a lot of such cases. Some of the management committee members are also affected. The association does not favor any one individual over another.
However, if a sticker for that lot is already issued to an owner as per our records, we will not issue it for the same parking lot again until the issue is sorted out.

Parking Offenders Gallery

date photo problem ~ remarks
01 Mar 2011 05-Mrosa-bevin-george-445c.JPG KL13U7411 wrongly parked on Covered 602 There is a car parked in our parking area from past 2 weeks . every time we visit we cant park in the slot allotted to us, This is under the Monttitlis building. I didnt wanted to send this mail to yahoo group. Is there any way i can find the owner and ask them to move their car out please. Covered 445 Srinivas Reddy 105 Mont Rosa Bivin George Babu(T) Tenant 4W Ford Figo KL13U7411 Green
Nov 22, 2011 10:58 pm KA03MM193_149.JPG Unathorized parking KA03 MM 193 at parkong lot 149 The maruti car KA03 MM 193 is being parked at my parking lot 149 since last 3 nights.The owner of the car may park the vehicle in his/her own parking lot instead of tresspassing on to other's place.The snap of the parking is attached herewith.The security may take necessary action for clampinp the vehicle and fine the owner for unathorized parking
Sent: Friday, 30 December 2011 4:56 PM Subject: [AEO] Car parked central pathway blocking vehicle movement [1 Attachment] alpeco-babu_xaviers_parking-violator.jpg Please remove ur car .its wrongly parked on central pathway and blocking car movement  
Sent: Tuesday, 17 January 2012 8:28 PM Subject: [alpine-eco] parking violation [1 Attachment] saurabh_covered_48.jpg Some vehicles parked unauthorized around covered parking 48 created a mess (picture attached). When I returned from office today, I was unable to take my car to my parking slot. So I have complained to security and they have locked some of the unauthorized vehicles. The vehicles don’t even have Alpine parking stickers. I am wondering how security allowed them to enter inside Alpine premises. 
Sent: Monday, May 07, 2012 8:28 AM To: OwnersAtAlpineECO residentsatalpineeco Alpine AlpineEcoOwners Subject: [AEO] Un-Authorized Car Parked - 190 (O) alpeco-parking-violator-dl.jpg Un-Authorized Car Parked - 190 (O) Hello Residents, There is a car (DL5C B 8299 - Fiat Palio - Black Color) with no parking sticker is parked in the middle of my Car Park # 190 (Open) for more than 10 days now. Inspite of the car now been locked by the Security it is not helping me at any regards as I am not able to park my car with no space left on sides. Can the respective owner of the said car contact the Security to have the car removed or I may have to take some action to have it removed and move it outside the apartment. Security Team - I am afraid but the inspite of noting down each and every car number, I see this a lapse in security in allowing a car with no parking sticker. Please feel free to contact me for any concerns. Thanks Venkat. UPDATE: Security posted notices of the violation in all lifts and on the car but no response from the car owner


Task Name Status ETA
Distribution of Parking stickers DONE
Policy to deal with Parking Violators IN-PROGRESS
Identify Parking lots that have discrepancies IN-PROGRESS
Painting of Parking lots ASK_MGMT
Identify visitors parking ASK_MGMT
Get better bike stickers ASK_MGMT

Parking Signs


Known Issues


  • When there is a parking violation on campus, and the car does not have a readable sticker, there is no quick way to determine the owner/flat number at alpine eco. Think the security supervisor should be given a tablet with net connectivity t the updated parking database. Any changes to the database can be done by the estate office which should have detailed audit logs that detail who made the change and when the change was made. For cheap tablets with just net connectvity, maybe we can look for thr bsnl tablets with net connectivity

See Also

Now find the OWNER of any vehicle


We can now know the ownership details of a vehicle using the Vehicle registration number instantly through SMS.

Send a SMS to 092123 57123 typing 

vahan <space> <regn number without space>  

For eg. If you want to find a owner of  a car with no :  MH12TM9999 [any random no. ] 
Then send sms vahan MH12TM9999 to 092123 57123. You will get details in seconds. 

          Useful in case of 
          Accidents  - Hit and run cases. 
          Rash drivers on the road. 
          Catching  Auto, taxi and Bus drivers
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