Office Staff


The Office is located at the ground floor of H-Block(Zermatt) opposite the club house.

Contact Numbers


please reach Estate Managerfor quicker response:
You can also Reach (Estate Manager) at 9900201740… General Shift
Security Desk Extn Number : 6152

If you want other mobile contact numbers, at the the groups (need to join as a member).

Association Manager

Weekly Off: Wed

Present Assignments :

1) Sale deed record sorting, updation, upload
2) Issuing of Parking Stickers
3) Issuing of Maintenance Receipt.
4) Issuing of ID cards.
5) Collecting Party Hall, vendor booking payments
6) Moving In/ Moving out Charges
7) Administration work of the online portal for Apt Management.
8) Collecting payments for all the shops in ClubHouse and bringing to the attention of MC, non paying shops, if any.

Project Manager

project engineer Mr. Anand will be on leave from 23rd Oct 2012 to 29th Oct 2012

Finance Manager

Weekly Off: ?
Mr. Mohana. He will be reporting to the Treasurer. He has joined us yesterday (Sep 24th). We will roll out the detailed roles and responsibilities for him.
his mail id is sihtevomer.moc.liamy|oceeniplatamf#sihtevomer.moc.liamy|oceeniplatamf

Accountant - Ankur and Harish

Weekly Off: Tue

Estate Management

Paresh (Estate Manager) - Until Manu Comes Back : 9900014392
Jayant (Housekeeping) : 9646484207
Shekhar (engineer) : 9972409190
Prakash (security) : 8553738277

Clubhouse Staff


Name    Designation    Contact Number
Sarvana    Club House Attender    9945585073
Syed Wahid    Club House Attender    9980848177


1st Shift : -  07.00 AM to 04.00 PM
2nd Shift : - 12.00 PM to 09.00 PM


1st Shift : - 07.00 AM to 03.30 PM         -   1 Male & 1 Female
General Shift : - 10.00 AM to 06.30 PM  -   1 Female
2nd Shift : - 12.00 AM to 08.30 PM        -   1 Male

Purchase Process

follow process for making any payments which is as follows.

·         We will have to take 3 Quotation for any task.
·         Prepare the comparative Statement & Selection of vendor with help of person who gives task
·         We will have to prepare the PO/WO
·         We will have to get the approval on the PO/WO who has given us the task
·         Then we will have to take signature from 1 MC Members ( If they is available ) on the same.
·         We will have to ask the accountant to prepare the cheque (Today She is in W/O)
·         Then we will have to send the cheque to Mr. Abhishek Pansari Flat for signature. If we request any other signatory they will never sign the cheque before his signature
·         For second signatory If we check for Mr. Hariharan OR Mr. K R Reddy.
As per our process we will prepare the PO as per the Performa Invoice and that has to signed by
 1 MC Member only after that we can give to Accountant for Cheque preparation.
For faster process you can discuss with any MC Member so that we can get the cheque prepared ASAP.

Issue Tracker ( Needed from MC)

  • Notice Boards needed at basements
  • Need a new computer
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