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To give the latest news at Alpine Eco:


[OwnersAtAlpineECO] Announcement: STP under maintenance Shut Down‏
Dear Residents,
In the wake of the current situation with the water distribution lines in Alpine Eco Aptts infected with worms, we have decided to take the STP plant under maintenace shut down immediately.
There will be no supply of STP water in the flush during this period.
We will resume the supply after chlorination and disinfecting the grid. This may take a couple of days and we will announce the day and time when it will be resumed.
To re-iterate, as a part of this process, the management committe has authorised the estate manager and their plumbing team along with volunteers to conduct a door to door survey on contamination in the pipelines and taps for a complete check.
In the interest of the residents residing in Alpine Eco, this is a mandatory step and residents are requested to co-operate with the teams visiting their flats.
We once again call for Volunteers who have raised their concerns on the mails to step forward and help completing this survey as it is a mamoth task to cover all the flats.
 Please contact the estate manager or any MC member or Anurag Gupta ( 963277233) - volunteer to join team for the survey.
We need minimum 20 more volunteers to complete the survey before the STP is put back in operation.
Please step out to step up the drive.
On behalf of AEOWA


Sent: Monday, 2 April 2012 8:40 PM
Subject: [AlpineEcoSecurity] Thefts in nearby areas

 I know all of us are busy fighting water issue, but just of updating the
thefts happening in nearby areas and make Security Team aware of same.

  Yesterday - a series of theft happened in Fern's city (shoes were stolen from
outside house) and 2 days before same thing happened in the adjacent villas
(can't recollect the name).  Last week some robberies happened in AECS layout
in some apartments/houses - where the person would come posing as a
courier/worker and get entry into a flat. Then after knocking the door of
unsuspecting flat - when the door opens - he would spray something on the face
- which would make the resident unconscious - after which he will gain entry
into the flat and easily rob it off of cash/jewellery.

  If possible - let us get suggestions / implement them for our safety..


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