• What to do when lifts become a problem


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Lift Helpline, mail ids and contact numbers

Fed up with lifts going down and no answerability from the Estate Mgr/AMC folks.

Service In-Charge,  
JLPL - Bangalore,
080-2656 4373/ 374
Balasubramanian L' <
Meghanath B R
AMC In-Charge
JLPL Bangalore
Ph : 9379385155



Please call Estate Manager whenever you see any lift malfunction.
Below is the process for quick solution

  • 1) Call Estate Manager : 9900201740 ( Manu Kumar ) 8 AM to 9 PM IST.

2) If its in the night time, please call the security supervisor at main gate ( 6152 )
3) They should lodge a complaint with JohnSon immediately and get the ticket number
4) If possible, please call them again after 30 mins and make sure you take the ticket number from them.
5) If they dont respond with valid explaination, then come back to one of us and raise your concern ( moc.spuorgoohay|ytiruceSocEeniplA#moc.spuorgoohay|ytiruceSocEeniplA ).
6) JohnSon should come and attend the problem within 2 hours and check the lift.
7) The lift should be up and running within 24 hours from the time of ticket raised.
8) If there is NO response and NO solution and NO valid reason and still the lifts are down for more than 48 hours then please email to the group ( only after you follow the above process )


This is the agreement with JohnSon who is the direct vendor who provides service to us.
As Estate manager has limited access to emails, if you can take the ticket number from estate manager and mail the group with ticket #, it will help to reduce duplicate entries/requests here.

Note from Secretary Sanjeev Anand: For any complaints on lift break down, please call manu - estate manager +919900201740 . He will file a complaint with service providers with whom we have a comprehensive amc contrat. The resolution time shd not be more than 24 hrs if it is not a major break down.

Background information on this AMC contract:

As of now, we had the contract with JohnSon for all the lifts put together.
Now Sanjeev (MC) and team are working on a new proposal where we can make contract with individual lift and check its downtime. This will help to provide solution at quicker pace.

Earlier if 20 lifts work and 2 lifts are always down, still the vendor was OK with SLA as its more than 90 up-time for whole lifts. Now we have to make sure that each and every lift will have maximum up-time without any problems with the new SLA. Hope residents co-operate and understand the problem and follow the process.


Q: Lots of scratches on the lifts come up time and again ? What are we going to do about it ?
Ans: As a resident in Q Block has shown, if the management is unresponsive, this may just as well be the call for a D-I-Y activity. Paint the lift sides Yourself. All it takes is a little silver paint(Rs 200) and a little time on saturday afternoon. Surprisingly, after this resident took matters into her own hands and painted it, the lift has stayed the same, without any caricature and drawings ! .

Price of silver paint (from the marthahalli hardware shop) : Rs 200
Time to paint the lift walls on saturday afternoon: 15 mins
Look on the face of incredulous neighbors : Priceless!

Q: During the DG to Bescom or Bescom to DG switchover, many times, the C2-block lift goes into an unknown state. It does not respond to user inputs. The MCB in the electrical room has to be switched off and then switched on to make it work again. This problem had been there for a very long time.
Ans: (from Sreeni) : Technically this could happen because the switch-over from DG to Bescom power happens very quicly. This does not reset the lift micro-controller circuitry properly causing the controller to go into an unknown state. The only way to bring it back is to power-off and power-on, which will take enough time for the circuit to get resent properly.

The solution for this is to increase the time of switch-over from DG to Bescom power (i.e., disconnect the DG power, wait for few milli-seconds or sometimes few seconds, and then connect to the Bescom power). I'm not sure if this could be controlled or not.

FYI from vendor

From: Anand S <anand.s[at]johnsonliftsltd[dot]com>
To: mcatalpineeco
Cc: Association Manager Alpine
Sent: Saturday, 6 July 2013 1:24 PM
Subject: Water entry provision in all landings and all lifts at Alpine Eco.

Dear Sir,

With reference to the above as per our earlier inspection in all the 26 lifts, on every landing there is easy provision for water entry.

Due to this reason 2 /3 times some major & costly items like (Screen sensor, Door V3f, Smps etc..) are failure /short circuited and it is charged to you.

Recently last 20 days back E1,R2 & R3 block lifts inside rain water entered, but there is no failure / short circuited happened.

Reason your Estate Manager Mr.Somasekar reacted immediately on that time, he switch off the lift and assist with our people and arranged to provide the high voltage lamps & Blower for make dry.

So please make a preventive action to avoid the water entry and unnecessary failures in the lifts.

We are assuring of our best services at all the times.

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