Let us carry out following actions independtly

(a) Get ur Sale deed notorised- Photo copy
 (b) photocopy of  property tax paid for 2013-14
 (c) EC copy- after your registration
(d)  Two DDs one for betterment and other for Khata transfer
(e) Collect Khata transfer form and fill it up

NOTE: The betterment charges is on undiveded share which is mentioned in Schdule "A" of ur sale deed

U can contact mr  raghu at BBMP AECS layout office at this no:9663931567 for exact amount of DDs.


(a) We all will meet up on 17 Apr at BBMP-Mhadevapura(OPP Phoenix mall) at 1030 hrs to submit the forms collectively.

From: Jit & Ipsita Bose <jitnipsitabose(at)yahoo(dot)com.>
Date: March 15, 2012 8:33:56 PM GMT+05:30
Subject: Fwd: [OwnersAtAlpineECO] Re: Khata Issue

I am ready to help those interested in submitting the docs to BBMP office from step II.
This will also help us residents make a point to the officials and demand for
sewage drain connection and Cauvery water connection to our apartment complex.

Step I:
Receipts of all property tax payments from 08-09 to 11-12. Valid until 31/3/12. If you haven't paid your property tax, you can pay it online.
Notarized copy of the sale deed
Signed application form with seller's and buyer's signature for Khata transfer. (see pictures below the page for sample filled forms)
Encumbrance Certificate (new doc needed)
Affidavit in kannada that promises to pay BBMP betterment fee subject to outcome of court case (signed on Rs 20 stamp paper): For affidavit, you can contact Ravi. Ravi's cell number for affidavit work - 9535310063. He is at KR Puram Sub registrar office room number 5.

Step II:
Submit the application for approval. Same desk from where the application form is collected.
Check for exact amount for DDs to be made from the Revenue Inspector.

Step III:
Wait for a week for approval. The file actually travels through different offices and a
verification takes place. This can take time.

Once the approval is done. Pay the drafts for DD + Rs 150 in cash. Receipt will be provided.
Give a copy of the receipt to the clerk handling the file.

Step V: A week later you can check and they should hand over the papers of the transfer.

I did not engage any agent for getting my work done, and must admit the process was clean
and all payments had official receipts.


Mail thread

From: "customerrelation ." <customerrelation[at]alpinehousing[dot]com>
Date: May 25, 2011 12:44:48 PM GMT+05:30
Subject: Alpine Eco

This is with reference to  your discussion with Mr.Kabeer Regarding BBMP Property Tax.Please find attached 
1. Copy of Occupancy Certificate 
2. Tax Paid Receipt for the year 2008-09 for the entire land.

You can approach the BBMP and resolve the issue.

Thanking you,

Sample Khata Application Form


Sample Occupancy Certificate


Sample Property tax paid receipt



> 1. Khata transfer: Do we need to submit notrified copy or xerox of same is
good enough. Is builder signing the khata transfer form without any trouble ?

I had submitted a notarized copy of the sale deed. However, people had obtained
Khata by submitting just the photo copy (without notarization - YMMV). The
builder takes some time to process your request for signature, and some
followup might be required - you'd be lucky to get this done immediately.

2. Where to get the affidavit from ?
If you want to get  Affidavit  , please contact ravi @kr puram registar office, shop number:05
He will charge 120/rs for form,notary and stamp,it will take 15 minutes only.
You provide my reference he will understand.

His number is:9900401825

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A quick question…
What is the difference between A- Khata & B-Khata ?
And how to identify if the khata being given to us is of type A or type B ?

There is nothing called "B-Khata". It is only a term used by people. The actual document is a "Form B" that is a document given by the Revenue office to indicate that an entry for this property had been made in the "B-Register" - only for revenue collection purposes. This register is maintained for properties that are not recognized by BBMP as having valid approvals (it is also printed on Form-B).

The A-Khata is the real Khata (and the only Khata). You know it because it says "khata certificate".

Still need more clarifications. can you tell me the first few steps again ?

Step 1: Get the form with an application number on it, not the downloadable
pdf: After Going to Khata office (opp phoenix mall) (1st Floor, after climbing
the staircase, enter the room on the 2nd right and then ask the 1st desk for a
khata form) and get a form on payment of Rs 10. Make sure you keep exact
change. If you like, bring a few extra and share with others.

Step 2:Get your papers in order: Make sure you have A)sale deed copy + B)copy
of all property tax receipts + C) Filled Khata Form (form should have an
application no. in red) .For help in filling , look for thr screenshots on this
page.  If you do not know what property tax receipts are, then most likely you
haven't paid them. Thats it. Encumbrance certificate is no longer needed. If
anybody asks, insist that you know that EC is no longer needed for khata

Step 3: Get the sale deed copy notarized : For notarization, see

Step 4 : After its notarized, go back to same khata office and submit it at the
same desk from where you got the khata transfer form. He will give you an
acknowledgement and ask you to come back after a week. Note that the DDs and Rs
150/- in cash will have to be given later but for these steps you don't need
them. ;)



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