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From: mcatalpineeco@… <mcatalpineeco@…>
Subject: [AEO] Notice on movement to new yahoo groups - with immediate effect - for all communications
Date: Tuesday, 31 January, 2012, 11:04 PM

Dear Residents,

With reference to our earlier communication on yahoo groups, this is inform you that we have formed two new yahoo groups named:-

1. sihtevomer-moc.spuorgoohay|oceeniplatasrenwo#sihtevomer-moc.spuorgoohay|oceeniplatasrenwo: (Owners Only) : Owners Only. Membership moderation is strict and ownership / registration documents may be asked for. Things like khata registration, sale deed related questions and questions of owners interest can be discussed here. Moderator for both lists (alpine-eco and AlpineEcoOwners): mcatalpineeco@ymail[dot]com

2. sihtevomer-moc.spuorgoohay|oceeniplatastnediser#sihtevomer-moc.spuorgoohay|oceeniplatastnediser: (For Owners/Tenants): : General group for everybody who has an interest in alpine eco affairs. Welcomes tenants. Has many more members and a wider audience. Discussions regarding domestic help/ pest cleaning/nearby medical facilities ca be discussed here. Membership has loose moderation.

In this regard, we would request all residents to submit below mentioned documents with an immediate effect as a statutory requirement of association:-

A. Registered owners: Sale Deed is a must to establish Ownership of the Apartment(Sale Agreement is not Accepted)
B. Tenants: Rental Agreement

TIP: If you use your yahoo id to access these lists rather than a gmail/office id as a yahoo id will also give you access to polls/photos files and list archives.

You can send your request by mailing a softcopy of your saledeed /rental agreement to sihtevomer-moc.liamy|oceeniplataca#sihtevomer-moc.liamy|oceeniplataca. Please mention the Name of owner, Mobile Number, E-mail Id and Flat No in the body of e-mail. The moderator sometimes might be busy in his work. So expect delays of 1-2 weeks. But he will surely respond back to you once he gets free. If not, you can mail again.

ps: these mailing lists are high traffic lists but are a useful source of information. Yahoo Mail Filters can help you organize your mails and prevent flooding your inbox.

Apartment Management Software

  • We have moved to Apnacomplex. The tool will allow the treasurer to raise invoices and for outstation residents to make online payments. Here's the Invitation Link. Owners registering on AC (Apnacomplex) are required to submit a soft copy of the Saledeed in a single pdf. Tenants registering for AC access are required to attach a soft copy of the rental agreement in a single pdf Ex. Zematt_201_SD.pdf for Sale Deed or Zermatt_201_RA.pdf for Rental Agreement, GroundFloor flats may use a format like Zermatt_001_RA.pdf). Make sure you mention your full name and valid phone number for each member seeking ApnaComplex access. If you have any problems using ApnaCompex(also called AC), please see help or Apnacomplex Internal FAQ.
  • Also, we are no longer active on ApartmentAdda & CommonFloor.
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