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General Maintenance Committee

Just a tracker page for use by the General Maintenance Committee for work that needs to get done

Once an item is done just replace the PENDING with DONE/ONGOING/date of completion.

GMC Committee : Contact committee Wish Status
1. Tackling Beehives PENDING
2. Some seepage in the parking area under Mont Rosa & Mont Blank (through the joint) block PENDING
3. Stagnant water near the fountain (add disinfectant/koi fish) PENDING
4. Current DG setup will not support more than 66% occupancy PENDING
5. Seepage in the basement wall touching the main water tank PENDING
6. Multiple cracks all over basement slabs PENDING
7. Drainage choked near tower C and in the driveway adjacent to 3BHK apts PENDING
8. Slope problems in common areas near lifts between two blocks (slippery and may cause damage to life machinery) PENDING
9. Slope in the common areas between flats in all the blocks PENDING
10. Tiles broken at the entrance on the driveway PENDING
11. Lifts are non functional most of the time. Nobody to repair and no planned regular maintenance happening PENDING
12. Need for another pressure pump for the backup (for water distribution unit) PENDING
13. Sewage treatment plant non-functional still PENDING
14. Water softening plant non-functional still PENDING
15. Slabs needed in the water ways besides the water bodies PENDING
16. Outer coating of paint is getting deteriorated (especially on F Tower) PENDING
17. B tower flats in all the blocks having bathrooms raised on a single cantilever (not safe in case of earthquakes or for long terms reliability) PENDING
18. Painting and cleaning of lifts PENDING
19. Kids area (both) drainage problems PENDING
20. Rain water harvesting system is not functional PENDING
21. Automation of the water distribution and storage unit PENDING
22. Marking of driveways in the basement parking PENDING
23. Name plates and identification of all the towers PENDING
24. Automation of mains to DG switching in case of power failures PENDING
25. Size of letter boxes PENDING
26. Intercom in lifts PENDING
27. Structure of wall adjacent to club house (towards 3BHK) is leaning PENDING
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