From: "mcatalpineeco"
Sent: Friday, 25 January 2013 8:30 PM
Subject: [OwnersAtAlpineECO] Airtel Rollout in Alpine Eco [1 Attachment]

Dear Residents,

As announced in the last GBM, we are appointing Airtel as our official intercom provider.

Please note that going forward INTERCOM will be MANDATORY for all apartments. It becomes impossible to have a good security management and visitor management system without a mandatory intercom extension.

Based on feedback from residents who desired a separate service provider the main driving points to introduce the second service provider are:
Choice of Service Providers
Better uptime/SLA for the internet connection.
Better & more competitive dial / internet plans
Security to have the ability to screen all visitors into the complex.
The existing Tata communication service provider has poor service with a confusing billing cycle involving distinct & multiple Tata entities.

Airtel will shortly be starting to release connections to all the residents. Please note that a minimum of intercom-only connection is mandatory for all apartments.

Residents are requested to cooperate with the Airtel staff.

Your options:
Avail only intercom connection (pay Rs. 100 a month +tax)
Avail voice connection (No payment for intercom. Payment as per service rate plan)
Avail broadband + voice (No payment for intercom. Payment as per service rate plan)
We will have a predefined extension plan that the security/association office/other residents can use to reach you. However, your phone number will not have a relationship with the intercom extension. This has been designed to ensure that people outside Alpine Eco cannot predict the number and what may possibly have resulted in a possible data security breach.

Next Steps:
    1) Documents required
        Copy of address proof (rental agreement, sale deed and all other standard proof of address)
        Copy ID proof (any standard government of India issued ID card with a clearly visible photograph)
        1 passport size photograph
    2) Airtel will set up a service camp at Alpine Eco for about 3 weeks. You can walk in to the camp and submit documents. OR
    Airtel will have sales staff to do a door-to-door campaign to collect documents.
    3) Rate plans will be explained in detail at the time of collecting documents.
    4) Wiring
        Airtel is responsible for the wired connection till the common duct
        The wire from the duct to the door step on your floor is the ownership of the resident/owner
        Please ensure that Airtel checks the quality of the last leg of wiring from the duct to the doorstep on your floor
        In case the quality of the wiring is poor please replace it. This little trouble will go a long way in ensuring quality service. You may use a Finolex/Anchor 2 pair telephone wire. You can use any electrician to replace the wire internally. NO EXTERNAL WIRING IS PERMITTED.
    5) You can call the following sales representative for queries/connections
        Mr.Joy :      9900000791 
        Mr.Deepak :   9900000725. 

Communication From Airtel:
Dear Alpine Eco Residents, 

Greetings From Airtel, 

We are happy to Launch,  Airtel broadband Services And Intercom Facility in  Alpine Eco Apartment. 

For Bookings we are available in apartment From 26th January, 

Bookings has to come through Below mentioned Dedicated Sales Executives only : 

Mr.Joy :      9900000791 
Mr.Deepak :   9900000725. 

For Service residents has to call /Mail :   08044444121 /  121[at] 

For Shifting residents  has to call / Mail  : 08044444121 /  121[at], cc to[at] . Mobile Number: 7259555999 

Hello Friends ,

 Stay away from the Airtel Franchise -Prameela Enterprises. 

I got the name and number of  Joy Fernandes  from the banner in our apartment .He came on 28th of Jan.  promised to give land line with broadband connection , within 3 working days  -with  wifi modem , on payment of 3 months of advance rental of  Rs.3150/- 

On 30th they came installed an ordinary modem and a phone , activated the services , I signed the installation / billing commencement report and then the guys walked out with both the instruments ( modem and phone) .On asking they said they do not have the wife modem with them and that they would get it the next day . I am still waiting , after innumerable phone calls and emails to airtel customer care . Finally I placed a request with airtel yesterday to cancel the connection (which exists only on paper ) ,
as I stared getting calls from airtel saying that my connection is active and the billing cycle has started from 30th of Jan .

Tried calling Joy several times . Every time he asks for 2 minutes and then nothing happens .

Please be careful while dealing with them .

Thanks and regards .

Tata Indicom

Pain just to change tata billing plan

Need a help.
One of our resident's is getting the run-around from Tata Docomo folks for a simple change in billing plans (mail chain from resident given below)
I understand that our apartment has a direct line to a representative from Tata Docomo since we are about 700+ flats in here.
Do we know who that person is and can you send that person's contact details on this group ?
This is crazy behaviour from Tata Docom. Its almost as if they think they are doing us a favour.
if we have no way of contacting anyone from Tata Docomo, please send that information out also.
Then we really need to think whether it is worth being held at ransom like this by Tata Docomo

try sending the email to below address and problem should be attended on priority.


Second, if above does not solve the problem
I recommend to go to Tata Docomo Office (Near Forum Mall, it is opposite to Star Bazar), ask the front office to meet the nodal officer of broadband and you should be able to meet the incharge in person.This will be little time consuming process though but sure shot.

- Forwarded Message -
From: Gopal Bennuri <Gopal.Bennuri(at)>
Cc: Himanshu Niraj1 <Himanshu.Niraj1(at)>; Prasad Reddy1 <Prasad.Reddy1(at)>; Mallappa M <Mallappa.MBelagal.KO(at)>; Jagannatha Kadam <Jagannatha.Kadam(at)>
Sent: Wednesday, July 13, 2011
Subject: Dedicated wireline broadband and telephone helpdesk email ID

Dear Alpine Eco residents,

We are glad to share our new dedicated broadband and telephone help desk email ID.


Please do route your queries on this email ID for faster resolution.
On the anvil is dedicated call center number exclusively for Wireline broadband and telephone customers, shall share the number shortly.

Warm Regards

  • Followup from Tata Indicom Folks and report by Kuldip

From: Kuldip Chakraborty
Date: Sun, Jul 17, 2011 at 11:34 PM
Subject: Next steps from the meeting at Alpine Eco
To: Gopal.Bennuri(at)
Cc: jaiganesh_vrce(at)

Hi Gopal,

Here are the next steps from the meeting at Alpine Eco on July 16, 2011.
We agreed on 4 major areas of concern and decided on next steps to tackle customer gripes on these areas. We will have weekly calls with Gopal to track progress on the next steps(every Tuesday afternoon).

Customer Care

* Concerns
o Very poor customer care
o Very high turn around time on most complaints
* Next steps
o Please send across complaints to the dedicated email ID for broad band services
o Dedicated customer care number for broadband service (Gopal to get back with the number on August 01, 2011)
o Turn-around-time (TAT) for all complaints from Alpine Eco will be 24 hours or lower. In case there is no resolution people can call up Gopal and escalate the issue

No Backup Service
* Concerns
o There is no backup network when the primary network goes down leading to disruption of service
* Next steps
o A backup network for Alpine Eco is in the works. Gopal to get back with a plan to set up the network by July 20, 2011
o Gopal to setup the network by August 20, 2011

Network Room In A Mess
* Concerns
o Network room in Alpine Eco is a mess and a cause of a lot of problems
o Nagraj is the only person who knows how to operate in the room
* Next steps
o Gopal will get back with a plan to clean up the mess in the room by July 20, 2011
o Gopal will ensure a backup for Nagraj so that Nagraj isn't the single point of failure

Wiring Is In A Total Mess

* Concerns
o Wires hanging all around
o Nagraj blames problems with connection on bad wires
o Bad wires directly correlates to bad connection
* Next steps
o Gopal to get back with a plan to clean up the wiring mess at Alpine Eco so that wires are tucked inside boxes and hanging lose by July 20, 2011
o Gopal to ensure that reasons for frequent disconnections are addressed and wiring fix wherever required and within the responsibility of Tata Teleservices


My internet is not working from last 3 days. I tried calling toll free many times, but only getting apologizes nothing else.Is there any escalation point to raise the concern.
Ans.Please contact the Nodal Office, the action is quick after complaining here:
Tata Teleservices Ltd
30/1, Silicon Terrace, Hosur Main Road,
Opp The Forum, Koramangala,
Bangalore - 560095
Ms. Mythri Rao Fax: 080-66681000,
Mobile: 9243199970,
Email: ni.oc.letatat|rak.reciffoladon#ni.oc.letatat|rak.reciffoladon
other nos: 9243000121 , 18002663030

Q.Can anyone give me the link to the Tata Indicom tariffs ? , select location as Karnataka

Also, please try contacting Mr. Arum of Tata Indicom. - 9243 737 421. He provides technical maintenance on behalf of TATA Indicom. He was a great help to me.

Q. Please, can some one provide the Tata Indicom Contact detail in Alpine.
Abhinit Onam abhinit@mnworld[dot]
Abhinit: 92430 15183
9243443888:Nitin Mittal

Cancelling Tata Broadband connection

  • Just send an email for canceling your connection to "ni.oc.letatat|0303#ni.oc.letatat|0303" .
  • called the customer care and they were clueless as usual and asked me to go to their store. There is only one store in Koramangala - near forum mall, which handles these requests.

You will need to go to the basement of the store and ask the security to meet Ms. Rathna, (Don't go to the store in ground floor - which gives the tokens, as it will be pointless wait and they again refer to the lady in basement.) You need to take a visitor pass from the security. You will have to write an application and then she will process it. I am not sure if there is any other way to disconnect. (calling customer care)

  • I was able to cancel it by talking to cust care. A person came to my home to confirm it. Only thing is, it takes about 8 days. Always make sure to ask the request number. One more thing, you need to place two cancellation requests, one for phone and other one for internet. - Bhumeshwar



As a follow-up to my earlier promise, I am now using Spectranet and am generally happy with the service so far. I changed from Tat Indicom to Spectranet service a week ago. Here is a general review and some Pros/Cons on this service/installation.

I was a Tata Indicom Photon Pro user till a week ago. I have been frustrated in past with their attitude about the quality of service, non-competitive tariff rates. I found out about the availability of Spectranet from Robert (the cable operator). I looked at the tariff options (, their fair usage policy (, which is fairly liberal and decided to get them based on positive comments on broadbandforum. I also found out that Spectranet runs an optical fibre cable to our apartment terminating at an MSO for customer management (ensuring good end user experience).

The setup process itself was messy as the home connectivity is done via running a CAT6 cable (this cable runs alongside the cable wire) to apartment. This is then connected to telephone lines running in the house. The output is made via an Ethernet cable that is then connected inside the house. I have WiFi router at my house, which I used for setting up wireless connection. Though I did not enjoy the home connectivity, the service itself has been good. Having tested the speed of connectivity via, I found it to be fairly good and had low latency. So, in brief these are PROs and CONS of Spectranet:


- Great connectivity with competitive tariff rates

- Liberal fair usage policy (so most Youtube videos can be watched without worrying about data downloads)


- You lose apartment phone line. So if you’re used to landline DO NOT GET THIS SERVICE.

- Non-professional home setup (Messy installation like cable running directly from the wall instead of via the telephone socket)

- Cable operator takes Rs.50 PM as maintenance charge and Rs.1000 as one time installation charge.

- Need of a Wifi router for wireless connection. Expect no help from the cable operator as they are clueless about how to set it up.

Last week, while talking to my friends (who lives in Purva Riviera), I found that Spectranet had WiFi based setup for all their apartments. I got the phone number of the Spectranet Bangalore Business Development Head from my friend. I can share his name/number with welfare association leaders.

This service is slightly more expensive than cable based connectivity ( but it offers the best combination of safety, ease of use and broadband alternative to Tata Indicom. I would recommend that the welfare association talk to see how the whole apartment can be made a GIANT wireless zone, so all the (current laptops &) new gen devices can also use the same connectivity.

Ravi Baskaran
+91 9845388115

  • using spectranet and the speed is good

I have taken a 2mb line and most of the time its giving me around 1.97mb.

Talk to robert if you need more info

There is Spectranet also available in Alpine.
Its cheaper and i am generally happy with the service so far.

Talk to robert if you need more info


Apply here online
if everything goes well, got the connection in 1 week.
(at eco think they cannot come as they need NOC from the assn)
For complaints, use
This gets a quicker response, and many follow-up calls to verify that your BSNL telecom service is back to normal.

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