There are practical little things in housekeeping which no man really understands.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Greetings to All from Housekeeping and Cultural Team!



Housekeeping Room is located in the basement of the R2 Block[Mont Titlis] (after the courts on the right side)


From: "mcatalpineeco@ymail>
Sent: Wednesday, 6 June 2012 9:56 AM
Subject: [OwnersAtAlpineECO] Update : house keeping services

Dear Residents,

Further to feedback gathered following the release of our first communication yesterday we are incorporating the suggested methodology of handling the electrical & plumbing complaints logged at Alpine ECO.

While the complaints logged before 13.00 hrs will be attended the same day, the complaints logged after 13:00 hrs will be attempted to be closed by 18:00 hrs same day. Late evening complaints that are URGENT in nature such as 'power outage in apartment' or 'lift not working' or 'leakage of water pipe' will be attended by the limited staff available on duty. Simple complaints such as 'switch not working' or 'handwash basin clogged' will be attended in the course of the next day. 

Please be informed that there could be at times some delay in case of unavoidable circumstances (e.g. major breakdown or due to load of complaints) which would be communicated in such cases by a senior resource appointed at the Facility Management.

With this, we request every resident to log their complaints with fair amount of detail (where, what kind with date and time & intercom number, flat number and name) in the complaint register book available at main gate security. Please do write necessary detail of the complaint so that based on the same the plumber/electrician could reach your flat prepared with the right set of tools.

It would surely be ideal if complaints could be registered over phone but due to the limited ability and language & technical knowlegde handicap of our Security staff, we would request residents to kindly write it themselves and note the sequence and time, thus saving loss of vital information. In course of time if we can upgrade our services, we would like to implement receiving complaints  24/7 over telephone or email recruiting a trained and effective personnel.

Till such time and budget permitting, please fill in the complaints with reasonable amount of detail in writing. Since we are not able to correctly handle details received over phone at the main gate security, they cannot be attended. Spare parts will not be available and needs to be sourced directly by the resident from retail outlets.

In case the complaint logged is not attended as per the timeframe given, you can escalate the same to Estate Manager @ 9900201740 / 9902799553 or email at estatemanager.alpine[at] with the copy to mcatalpineeco[at] who is available on site from 09.00 hrs - 17.30 hrs.

Looking forward for your support & co-operation at all times to serve better.


1. Two wheeled 120L capacity trolleys - 13 Nos to be moved across the floors.
This will fit into the lifts.  
2. Four wheeled trolleys 600L capacity - 6 Nos
to be used to move the garbage to the dump yard
Timetable for tasks done on daily basis/once in two days/weekly basis/15 days etc per tower.

Daily Working Time Table


9 AM to 11 AM : Entrance and Common Area Cleaning/Mopping

11 AM to 1 PM : Garbage Collection/Wall Dusting and Staircase Pipe Cleaning

1 to 1.30 PM : Lunch Break

1.30 to 4.30 : Mopping/Dusting in all towers (due to resource crunch, it is done alternatively i.e. say on day 1, if Mopping is done in A1 tower, only dusting using broomstick is done in A2 tower)

4.30 to 5.30 : Common Area Cleaning/Mopping



Basement Cleaning

All Glass/Notice Board



Remove all spider webs from basement and clean letter boxes in basement.

Complaint register for Housekeeping: A register is kept at security office near entrance. Requesting residents to make use of this. However, I would also like to request people to be considerate/kind towards what best possible can be done with limited staff (hope those deal with housemaids on daily basis will get the required direction / hints).

Waste Management at basement: We have asked housekeeping staff/security to keep an eye on people dumping waste at basement and inform any GoV member when they see it happening - and that there is a fine amount for same. Requesting residents to keep an eye on same and contact us for any such occurrence you see happening. Also requesting all residents who have kept useful items in basement to take it/remove it/secure it - to avoid it being thrown away once we take the task of basement cleaning and removing all unwanted stuff from there.

Unless very critical, please follow the procedure of writing any housekeeping complaint in complaint register. If there is no action - please follow it up with Supervisors, Estate Manager, Housekeeping Team and then MC in this sequence giving sufficient time frame for each of them to response/act.

Be an Eco friendly resident and join the Waste Recycling Program

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