1. Users handle all the equipment with care and replace them to the original place after use
2. Kindly carry hand towel to the gym and wipe off sweat from the equipment
3. Avoid hair oil while using the gym
4. Children below the age of 15 yrs are strictly not allowed to use the gym equipment
5. Users should not move dumbbell/plates/mats outside of gym area
6. Kindly switch off the music system and the lights if no one else is there ,when you are leaving
7. User do not drop the dumbbell/plates /barbell down the wooden floor will be damaged
8. Maximum allowed time per users 20 minutes only at a stretch after completing please switch of the power point
9. Foot wear must be sports shoes(sneaker/chapple/sandle/spikes and bare foot not allowed inside the gym
10. Tread mill must be speeded up/down gradually. Do not stop/start abruptly
11. Tread mill users please don’t hold the display board and walk ,the bolt will be cut off and the hand grip tube also
12. Cycle upright bike/recumbent bike users kindly switch off the power point and remove the adopter out side

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