Electricity Meter Transfer

Target Audience

  • Flat Owners at Alpine Eco who still get their electricity bill in the Builders name.

Why should you change it to your name

  • Its natural after you've bought the flat to have it in your name
  • It can be used as proof for ration card, passport, etc.
  • For whatever reason, the electricity lineman still disconnects power for the whole apartment complex even if only some flat owners don't pay up. He possibly thinks they all belong to one entity(the builder). Of course, there's more to it than just that. :p

What you need

  • Copy of latest Electricity Bill (current bill should be in the Builders name ie. M/s Alpine)
  • NOC letter from the Alpine Builder ( This NOC does not come from the association, it comes from the builder!) : to get the NOc contact the Alpine office at:Alpine Builders Contact address


Electricity Meter Transfer to your name - Process


For Electricity meter name change, from my experience no need to approach any external vendor and end up paying Rs 1500 to 2000

Its just half day work if you have NOC from builder..

1. Once you obtain NOC from builder pls get your sale deed notarized by spending Rs 50 or 100 - I went to Mayohall and got it done

2. Then With NOC and Notarized Sale deep, walk into Mahadevpura Bescom office and collect meter name change application from 1st floor. (Pls make sure that you do not have any dues pending to Bescom, a lady officer checks and confirms no dues while giving application)

3. Get an indemnity bond from electrical contractor there. A green color indemnity paper. Actual cost is 300 but he may charge you 400 or 500. You can ask people there who are selling this there. Pls be guided by the person who is selling indemnity bond to fill up the same. It wont take more than 5 minutes.

4. Pay Rs 100 as processing fee with cashier (ground floor) and attach receipt with your application. Cashier office working time 9.30 a.m to 3 pm only

4. In the application you need to write information about your meter. Bescom people are supposed to come and verify your meter. But I wrote myslef all the reqd details from the meter like reading, meter capacity, make etc.

5. Get it signed by Junior Engineer sitting on ground floor

6. With Application, NOC, Sale deed, Indemnity Bond, Processing Fee paid Receipt submit to a lady sitting on 1st floor. Within one week your application is expected to process.

Good to carry your latest Electricity Bill with you.

At the end I spent only 600 (Notary signature 100, Indemnity Bond 400 and Processing Fee 100) for this except petrol expenses for commuting :-)

Hope this is useful


Through an Agent

Murthy : 9901955552
I know one agent who got everything done in one shot.
He came to Alpine and collected all the documents.
This saved huge amount of time for me.
He charged 1000/- INR service charge (incl everything) and within a week I got my meter name changed.
For one or two cases, he would not come to Alpine, better get a consolidated list and send them in bulk.

Ravi Kumar

S.R.Parameshwara : 9886853888 : Rs 900 : 1 wk
I and some other residents of Alpine have got meter transfer done through Mr. S.R.Parameshwara for Rs 900 in a week's time (without running around). His mobile num is 9886853888.

In case you have NOC from builder for EB Meter Transfer/Sale deed Copy and last EB Meter Bill, you can contact him over phone/email- to come and collect the same to get your meter transferred.


Hi… If u go to mahadevapura electricity office u can find multiple
brokers who does this. I had got it done by one guy named pradeep who
charged me 1100rs 2months b4. Here is his contact number… Might be
helpful…9845185575 - pradeep electricity broker


How to get the NOC from Alpine for transferring the
electricity meter in my name?

Take your latest electricity bill to Reshma (@ Alpine) and request a NOC for meter transfer, make several follow-up calls to get the NOC. She'll ask you to fill a form (or write a letter requesting the NOC).

What is an NOC and how do you get it ?

If you bought your flat from the builder,
Call up the Alpine Office (080-41144555), and ask Alpine for the NOC.
Reshma (I hope she is still there) used to take care of providing the NOC.
She would check that there are no old dues against your name, and then would ask you to come in few days to collect the NOC.

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