MOM- Election Committee - 11-04-2012
Sent: Thursday, 12 April 2012 7:46 AM

Participants: Manish, Ritesh, Sandip
Key Discussion Points:

Objectives  of the election committee
Define and manage the election process for the new MC as per existing association by laws
Ensure free and fair election
Strive for increased participation in nomination as well as voting.
Strive to adhere to the time lines set.
Roles and responsibilities
Mr Manish Verma has agreed to be the Presiding Officer. Other members of the committee will be election officers.
Some responsibilities are defined (see below) others will be be done in due course
New MC Structure and nominations
As per bylaws the following positions/roles are defined
Vice President
Joint roles of the above
We suggest:
We accept nominations for the specific roles  of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary  
We accept nominations for 10 more roles of Join Position ( Could be either Joint Secretary or Treasurer)
Total strength of MC will be 4 + 10 = 14.  We need these many people to head several sub committees like 
Water, Electricity, Legal, Cultural etc.  These committees will have volunteers as we have it today.
ByLaw Interpretation:
As per by law MC is elected as general members and after the election the members discuss and vote the specific roles.
Here we are suggesting that the society actually elects people for specific roles.
If we all agree with this do we need to make any amendments to By Laws
Manish, could you please work with MC and conclude this
Who can vote? (Electoral List)
As per by laws any owner who do not have any dues to the association can vote. One person is eligible to 1 vote irrespective of number of apartment he owns.
Election committee will need to create a voter list. Anyone in the list is also eligible to stand for elections.
Election committee will verify the nominations based on this list. 
Sandip Das will work with MC and Estate Mgmt office to create this list. It is important that we have a correct list  ASAP.
This electoral list will be used to facilitate the balloting/voting process
Who can nominate?
Eligibility for voting and nomination is same.
Nomination Process is loosely defined as follows
Send an email to the owners group with following detials
Position contested
Apt Number
Why he should be elected?
Undertaking of understanding of the bylaws
Fill the nomination form with the estate manager
Balloting Process
As per bylaws it needs to be a secret ballot (So no raising hand and electing a member)
Ritesh will come up with a process which is to be discussed and finalized
Most of the members in the election committee feels that the time lines are too tight to do a fair job
Everything depends on the number of nominations we get and how quickly we get the same.
First thing to ensure is that we have a election for all positions for that we need to have atlest 4*2 + 10 *2 = 28 nominations.
Manish, Ritesh, please add anything which I have missed.

Others please advice , comment.

Sandip Das

- Seek their inputs on the formal notification / criteria / eligibility etc.;
- Agree on the roles that individual will be playing (e.g. presiding officer etc.);
·        Mr Randhir Bindra - 
·        Mr Sandip Das - 
·        Mr Manish Verma – 
·        Mr Arvind Menon - 
·        Mr Sachin - 
·        Mr Ritesh - 



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