A committee is a group that keeps minutes and loses hours.
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Core Committee

Portfolio Name Block/Flat Contact Remarks
President V Hariharan
Vice President K R Reddy
Secretary Manish Gautam
Treasurer Abhisek Pansari
Joint Secretary Vijay Virmani
Joint Secretary Anuraag Gupta    
Joint Secretary Babu Manickan
Joint Secretary   Aditya Goswami    
From: electioncommitteeatalpine <electioncommitteeatalpine@...>
Sent: Friday, 4 May 2012 12:07 AM
Subject: [OwnersAtAlpineECO] Alpine Eco MC Elections 2012: Processing of nominations completed

The election committee has completed the processing of the nominations filed for elections to MC,
as per the Alpine Eco Bylaws and election notification send earlier.

As communicated earlier the election committee received 11 nomination forms, 
out of which 1 is rejected due to being incomplete and the same is communicated to the applicant.

The following 10 nominations are accepted by the election committee in alphabetical order.
ANURAG GUPTA Jungfrau 702
ATUL JADHAV Julian 901
BABU MANICKAN Jungfrau 903
MANISH GAUTAM Jungfrau 902 
V. HARIHARAN Mont Rosa 704
VIJAY VIRMANI Mont Titlis 502
As the number of accepted nominations are not more than 11, there is no need for elections.
The 10 nominees listed above get elected to the new  MC uncontested. 

A special GBM will be held on 12th May, 2012 to introduce the new MC and the transition plan.
Official intimation about this GBM will be send out by the current MC.

If you need any clarification regarding the election process and new MC formation please raise them during the special GBM and the election committee will clarify the same. 
The election committee will not be able to  respond to any email queries.

Thanking all those who helped in this process.

Alpine Eco MC Elections Committee
 21 June 2012 2:50 PM
Using the power vested in the MC in the bylaws Section 18,
The MC hereby authorizes the following members to help them in the effective functioning of Alpine Eco.

The list of members from the following blocks is as follows:

Aronia          507     Narvir Sud
Bernese         1005    Santanu Dey
Helicon         103     Rajesh Pathak
Helicon         307     MUKUL AHLUWALIA
Helicon         104     Anita Makharia
Julian          403     Nitin Labdhe
Jungfrau        705     Nishanth Kumar
Aronia          108     Chinmaya Kar
Zermatt         407     Promod P
Mont Rosa       307     Deepak Kumar
Mont Blanc      901     Sandip Das

These block representatives will conduct meetings, verify the owners of flats in their blocks,
keep tabs on the state of affairs of their blocks, and bring to the notice of the Management Committee
any issues that need immediate attention and advise the committee on issues that may need attention.

For the remaining blocks, there will be no block representatives unless any resident 
someone comes forward to help with this initiative and a similar circular is issued to this effect.

The meetings of the group of block representatives will be coordinated and chaired by the Joint Secretary
Mont Titlis     502     Vijay Virmani
and in his absence by any of the remaining committee members.
The Management Committee also thanks the aforementioned members for offering their time and services 
which is the need of the hour and hopes that there will be representatives of other blocks in the near future to 
ensure an efficient functioning of Alpine Eco.
From: mcatalpineeco
Sent: Friday, 15 June 2012 8:53 AM
Subject: [ResidentsAtAlpineECO] Annoucement of Office Bearer of New Management Committee.

FILE NO: AEAOWA/043/2012-13                                          DATED: 15 JUNE 2012


1.      The outgoing management committee of Alpine Eco Apartments Owners Welfare Association (AEAOWA) announced and introduced the elected members of the new management committee in the General body meeting held on 12th May 2012.

2.      Further, the members of the new Management Committee made announcement of the office bearer through mail addressed to the out going Secretary  on 14th June 2012.

Mr V Hariharan                                    - President 
Mr KR Reddy                                       - Vice president
Mr Manish Gauttam                           - Secretary
Mr Abhisek Pansari                             - Treasurer
Mr Vijay Virmani                                - Joint-secretary
Mr Aditya Goswami                            - Joint-secretary
Mr Navin Srivastava                           -Joint-secretary
Mr Babu Manickan                             - Joint-secretary
Mr Anuraag Guptaa                            - Joint-secretary
3.      The out going Management committee is in the process of drafting Agreement and handing over the transition to the New Management Committee. The New Management Committee will shortly pass the resolution regarding the new signatories who shall be authorized to carry the financial transactions pertaining to AEAOWA on behalf of the Management Committee.
From: "mcatalpineeco" 
Sent: Monday, 4 June 2012 8:35 PM Subject: [ResidentsAtAlpineECO] Important - House
Keeping Service

Dear Residents,

In continuing our efforts to improve services, we are reviewing the way
electrical & plumbing complaints are logged and attended to at Alpine ECO.

The complaints logged before 13.00 hrs will be attended the same day & the
complaints logged after 13:00 hrs will be attended by next 1300 hrs next day.
There could be at times some delay in case of unavoidable circumstances (e.g.
major breakdown or due to load of complaints) which would be communicated in
such circumstances by a senior resource appointed at the Facility Management.

With this, we request every resident to log their complaints with fair amount
of detail (where, what kind with date and time & intercom number, flat number
and name) in the complaint register book available at main gate security.
Please do write necessary detail of the complaint so that based on the same the
plumber/electrician could reach your flat prepared with the right set of tools. 

Complaints with insufficient details or over phone to the main gate security
will not be attended. Spare parts will not be available and needs to be sourced
directly by the resident from retail outlets.

In case the complaint logged is not attended as per the timeframe given, you
can escalate the same to Estate Manager @ 9900201740 / 9902799553 or email at
estatemanager.alpine[at] with the copy to mcatalpineeco[at]

Looking forward for your support & co-operation at all times to serve better.

From: "mcatalpineeco(at)ymail" 
Sent: Sunday, 20 May 2012 3:57 PM
Subject: [OwnersAtAlpineECO] Update on various tasks and request for volunteers

Dear Residents,

The current MC along with the volunteers have identified the following areas of improvement. Each area has a task owner. 
We request residents of Alpine Eco to join them in areas that interest them. Please reach out to the listed name as a next step or please send a 1:1 email to mcatalpineeco[at] to be a part. Its very important that all the residents take part in it to make ECO a better place to live in. Time thats expected to be spent on the various tasks is about 2-3 hours per week. 

This is an arrangement for coming 2-3 months. It has to be done by mc/volunteers till the outsourcing of the whole apartment complex is not complete.

Work Domains and Owners
STP improvement                 Ipsita Bose     Arvindakshan
Fire Safety                         Babu Manickan
Finance                             Abhishek Pansari      
Landscaping                         Aparna Kaushal      
Water Treatment                     kuldip chakraborty     Arvindakshan
Water Harvesting                     Ipsita Bose      
Water Supply                     KR Reddy     Hariharan
Apartment Security                 Aditya Goswami      
ClubHouse Security                 Rohit Talukdar    Mohit Jain
HouseKeeping                     KR Reddy     Jai Ganesh
ClubHouse Management             Mohit Jain    Navin Srivastav
Legal                             KR Reddy     Manish Gautam    
Property Management Outsourcing     Manish     Gautam
Fumigation Regulus                 Anuraag Guptaa
Electricity                                            ???

GoV Teams (Group Of Volunteers)

We have created group IDs for the essential services & we would request all the residents to use the group IDs mentioned below with immediate effect in case of any concern / question / clarification pertaining to a particular service.

Note that all these members are individual apartment owners like you and work in a purely voluntary capacity and have day jobs to attend to. So if you do not get _any_ reply within a reasonable timeframe(2-3 days, use your discretion), feel free to remind them but politely please. If you don't get a reply even after that, it means most likely, either they are too busy or the system is broken. Thats when we would request your help to join the group and fix it.

None of their contact details are visible since this is a publicly visible site. To know more, join one of the Mailing lists listed at the bottom of this page.










Example: If a resident has electricity related issue then we would request the resident to write the mail to:

Contractual/Legal -


Name Block/Flat Contact Remarks
Sanjeev Anand MC Member
A K Agrawal
Amit Tyagi
Anuraag Gupta
Vivek Singh
Pawan Pathak
Prachi Agarwal



Name Block/Flat Contact Remarks
Tej K Bhat MC Member
Amit Tyagi
Animesh Tiwari
Prachi Agrawal
Pawan Pathak
Ravi Divecha
Paras Jain
Sangeeth Kumar
Ravi Kumar



Name Block/Flat Contact Remarks
Manuj Gupta MC Member
Sridhar Yalla MC Member
Vivek Singh
Vishal Vaid
Vishwas A
Ajay Jindal
Sachin Filinto
Mahesh T



Name Block/Flat Contact Remarks
Vishal Vaid MC Member
Anit Shankar MC Member
Amit Tyagi
Aurobindo Nayak
Rajesh Gurrala
Babu Manickan
Sridhar Yalla



Name Block/Flat Contact Remarks
Vijay Kumar MC Member
A K Agrawal
Rohit Talukdar
Randhir Bindra
Manthan Thakkar
Manuj Gupta MC Member
Ashish Mishra
Satish Iyer
Ravi Kumar



Name Block/Flat Contact Remarks
Sridhar Yalla MC Member
Amit Tyagi
Vishal Vaid MC Member
Prachi Agrawal
A K Agrawal
Vijay N
Ravi Kumar
Pawan Pathak
Anuraag Gupta
Vivek Singh

Club House


Name Block/Flat Contact Remarks
Anit Shankar MC Member
Randhir Bindra
Pawan Pathak
Ravi Kumar
Aurbindo Nayak
Sanjeev Anand MC Member
Prachi Agarwal



Name Block/Flat Contact Remarks
Paras Jain MC Member
Animesh Tiwari
Anita Makharia
Sumit Prakash
Pramod P
Aparna Kaushal



Name Block/Flat Contact Remarks
Paras Jain MC Member
Animesh Tiwari
Anita Makharia
Pooja Jain
Priyanka Tyagi
Aparna Kaushal

Mailing Lists

  • moc.spuorgoohay|srenwOocEeniplA#moc.spuorgoohay|srenwOocEeniplA : Only for owners. Membership moderation maybe strict and ownership documents may be asked for.
  • moc.spuorgoohay|oce-enipla#moc.spuorgoohay|oce-enipla: General group for everybody who has an interest in alpine eco affairs. Also includes tenants. Has many more members and a wider audience. Membership has loose moderation.


MCat AlpineECO <mcatalpineeco(at)ymail(dot)com>
Dear Alpine Eco Owners,

This is an official communication being sent by the Management Committee. Based on feedback received from various quarters and in order to streamline communication between the MC and the residents of Alpine Eco, the Management Committeee has created this new mail id which will be used for all official mail communications sent by the Management Committee to the residents.

The purpose of this mail is to update all members of AEAOWA about the change in format and Process of communication addressed to association on grievances and suggestions. All communications that may include grievances, feedback and suggestions for improvement shall be addressed to “Alpine Eco apartment Owners Welfare Association” and shall be submitted to the Association office in hard copy.

The Management Committee will review and deliberate on these submissions made by owners during the weekly board meetings and will provide a periodic updates in the form of a dashboard displayed on the notice boards.

Management Committee, AEAOWA

Helping Out

If you want to help out any of the groups or have a suggestion, reach out to them on one of the mailing lists. If you would like to add content to this site, just mail in and say so on AlpineEcoSecurity(at)yahoogroups(dot)com with the Subject: Want to become an Alpine eco site moderator. One of us moderators will get in touch with you. This site aims at having community generated content and needs your help in doing so. Before editing content, keep in mind the privacy issues surrounding information that can be shared on a publicly visible site. Thanks for dropping by.

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