Club House Rules

Almost every venerable tradition at a club starts out as a joke.

Weekly off for the Club house Manager

  • Sarvanan On Wednesday
  • Paul on Monday.
  • Every Weekly Off day one person should be attending from Morning 8:00 AM to Evening 8:00 PM


Booking Charges


Clubhouse Rules & Regulations

This document includes:
A. Clubhouse General Rules and Regulations
B. Procedure to reserve/cleanup club house facilities


1. The club house facilities are for the use of flatowners and their tenants, only.
2. Any flatowner may delegate their right of enjoyment of the club house facilities to their
tenants who reside on the property. Such member shall notify the secretary of the
association in writing of the name of any such tenant. The rights and privileges of such
tenant are subject to suspension to the same extent as those of the member.
3. During any period in which a member is in default in the payment of monthly dues or penalty
special assessment levied by the association, the right to use will be suspended by the board
of directors until dues or assessment are paid.
4. For violation by the flatowner (s) or their guests of any rules and regulations
established by the board governing the use of the club house facilities, the right to use of a
member will be suspended for a period to be determined by the association.
5. No illegal substance will be allowed at any time in the club house (including grounds.)
6. The flatowner (or tenant as provided in rule A.2) must be present for the entire time
the club house facilities are in use. A homeowner/tenant or parent must accompany minor children while in the club house.
7. The club house facilities must be vacated by before the closing time of the clubhouse.
8. No political, religious, commercial or outside organization is permitted use of the club
house facilities, even though a homeowner/tenant is a member of the organization.
10. No animals (pets) except for guide dogs are allowed in the club house unless specifically permitted by the clubhouse in charge.
11. No flatowner/tenant may reserve the club house facilities on a regular basis more than
twice a month unless specifically permitted in writing by the clubhouse in charge.
12. Barbecues are allowed, however use of cookers is restricted to the terrace of the club house, only. (Not on the inside or outside pool area.)
13. The flatowner/tenant is responsible for the conduct of his/her guests and proper
behavior to prevent damage and excessive noise and for abiding by the rules of the clubhouse.
14. Any resident of the complex may stop in during a party if there is any indication rules and regulations are being violated. Proper authorities (clubhouse in charge or association) will be notified immediately.
15. No smoking in the Clubhouse or no alcoholic beverages of any kind are allowed at any time in the club house (including grounds.)
16. During the time the clubhouse has a meeting of the Association or its designated volunteers, the clubhouse may be closed in a limited manner or in complete during this period.
17. The association reserves the right to amend the rules from time to time as determined by the association or the clubhouse designate.

B. Procedure to reserve club house facilities:

1. Phone the Alpine Eco club house and leave message addressed to the club
house reservation in charge.
3. Reservation may be made up to a maximum of six (6) months in advance.
4. A security deposit of as mentioned in the rules is required to be deposited with the the club
house reservation in charge. The security deposit may be retained by the association as part payment of any expense for cleaning, damage and/or loss to the association property. If the deposit is not sufficient to cover the fair value of such cleaning and property, then the flatowner/tenant will be responsible to reimburse the association for any additional expense as determined by the association.
5. The club house key is released to the flatowner/tenant when the following occurs:
a. Club house reservation agreement is read and signed.
B. Security deposit is received.
6. The security deposit is refunded when the following occurs:
a. The area or room reserved is returned to club house committee in charge (or designate.) The key must be returned within 2 hours after daytime party, or by 12:00 noon following an evening party.
b. The club house facilities are inspected for damage or loss by a member of the club house
designate or in charge and found in acceptable condition.
c. The club house reservation agreement is signed (again) acknowledging if any damage or
loss to the association property or personal injury has occurred.
7. The flatowner/tenant is responsible for clean-up of club house facilities (including
grounds) immediately after the party.

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