0. fence the perimeter of the clubhouse - ask interior designer, mohit will ask. -action naveen to send out mail, mohit/rohit to ask around. deadline - 1wk for 3 quotes 31 jul
mohit to take video and photos.dumbell/weight rules.
1. come up with clubhouse /gym/pool rules/membership forms - sarvana tomake rules. deadline 25 jul. mohit put a fine for the rules. mohit to take photos. navin to review, compile and put it on proper boards . deadline 07 aug 2012
2. come up with roles and responsibilities of clubhouse staff/security - mohit to take care of it.
lots of attrition in clubhouse staff. saravana good techie guy. action item : mohit to share this doc
deadline - 24c jul 2012
3. establish escalation channels - for now complaint book is ok. complaints channel to be done on a mail id or apnacomplex. action item mohit to highlight complaint book with board/poster - complaint book available with security.
4. work on a plan to improve clubhouse infrastructure and security in parallel.
4.1 ensure that the fingerprint based system works as planned :p sun city apts to provide lift access… how many ppl .. mohit - need contact with secretart action item for mohit - 1 wk
indoor swimming leakage problem - water heater problem - it has to be fixed. plastering work - waterproofing - 2 yrs warranty - prince
jacuzzi - no plan
squash - naveen to talk to somebody about repair. anand has quoatation from hashim and another guy.
gym equipment - mohit looking into that. to buy equipment. build a fan club.
buy and keep as asset of clubhouse. also buy swimming trunks in bulk. cue balls.
library cabinets ideal for storing assets.

5. work on a transition process and plan and a deadline to make the clubhouse security system operational

6. if possible, discuss on creating a separate access mechanism for the party house.
(maybe like a spiral winding staircase or something, just an idea)

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