"All architecture is shelter, all great architecture is the design of space that contains, cuddles, exalts, or stimulates the persons in that space.” - Philip Johnson

Civil Team Volunteers and Mailing list at Alpine Eco

What you need to know

1. Internal apartment leakages due to common area/terraces will be covered by the apartment maintenance people

2. Any leakages happening due to the other apartment or issues with the resident's own apartment, cost of labour/material involved if any will have to be borne by the residents.

3. Be a vigilant resident. Report instances of basement leakages and other civil issues/damages to Estate Manager in the Association office or mail <moc.spuorgoohay|liviCocEenipla#moc.spuorgoohay|liviCocEenipla>

Situation and Issues

1. Expansion Joints - All around the common walking area, patches of granite slabs are broken and need to be fixed.
Decision needs to be made on the design structure as it has been built and broken several times because of design flaw.
Vendor - Hindustan Co. Builder is ready to pay.

2. Swimming pool - In the swimming pool filtration plant, regular (annual) maintenance is required around the main pipe coming down to plant from pool. Right now there is heavy leakage. This is a recurring problem
- There are granite slabs removed infront of outdoor pool, this is because there is leakage in the ground
- There is seepage from top in ladies changing room ( cause has not yet been identified)
- Indoor swimming pool plastic pipe under the floor has cracked and foundation has fallen over - the whole wall towards Alpine Mart is leaking and there is continuous water flowing on that side of road. ( This point has been conveyed by new Club Committee). This would need to have the pool dug up and fix the pipe ( approx expenditure 6-7 lakhs)

3. Basement - Leveling, plastering of pillars and floor is required. Builder refuses to fix

4. Discussion with Reddy for painting & deciding the colours ( heard from Hemant - Beige was being proposed!!). Painting should include whole building, boundary walls, complete basement, club house.

5. Seepage in boundary walls from outside ( Greens and other houses) near the Exit gate. (Need to talk to Greens and outside house or go to BBMP). Its making the whole wall weak.

6.Remove all plants/creepers on boundary wall towards 3 BHK as (1) we spend watering them (2) roots deteriorate the wall (3) seepage in the wall is increasing and making it worse.
Note: In agreement there is a note that builder will rectify the defective boundary wall towards 3 BHK

7. Roof Top asbestos sheet - Fundamental flaw in design. No Sealant placed on sides; water needs to be arrested, else will rot the iron and its in a danger to fall down. Inspite of the sheets, water falls down in common areas. Water collects in 11th floor illegal apartment balconies, causing leakages to below floors. Need to be fixed by Builder/Association

8. Acid wash of entire apartment is pending and has been agreed on by builder. This needs to be done after painting and rooftop repairs

9. Lift ground floor has a lot of garbage that needs to be cleaned

10. Garbage Dump - Outside garbage dump area needs to have a mesh all around to avoid breeding of dogs

11. Drainage covers in basement are broken. Need to get new covers of original quality.the new ones that are being provided by builders are of very bad quality that break very soon and look very bad

12. Munni Reddy's Sify Connection routers are hanging from ceiling in basement. Needs to be talked to Reddys and removed.

13. Transformers need to be moved to the new place allocated by builder. Need to be pursued by MC with builder to have this activity completed.

14. There are innumerable seepages and leakages in basement, 3 BHK towers, 2 BHK towers externally as well as inside apartments, which have not been noted individually. A database is created in Alpine Owners yahoo group for the same. Please use this and enter your issues so that they can be consolidated and taken to the builder.

15. The main iron gate which was broken has been fixed.

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