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Sent: Sunday, 10 June 2012 5:19 PM
Subject: [ResidentsAtAlpineECO] Car Cleaning Vendors and Rates [2 Attachments]

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Dear Residents,

Taking your appeal to regularise the car cleaners who wish to work willingly in our premises and the rates that they charge, please note that they all will be bound by written acceptance to charge the following rates:

2 Wheelers: Rs 100 a month eg. Scooty, Scooter, Motor Bikes etc.
4 Wheeler (Small Hatchback): Rs 250 a month. eg. Nano, Alto, A Star, Maruti 800, Santro etc.
4 Wheeler (Premium Hatchback & Sedans): Rs 350 a month. eg. Polo, Palio, Wagon R, Swift, Dezire, Ikon, Accent, City, Manza, Verna etc.
4Wheeler (SUV): Rs 400 a month. eg. Innova, Tavera, Scorpio etc.

Additinally Rs 100 will be charged in addition for wax polishing to the above rates and they will clean the inside of the cars once a week free of charge.

MC has also directed the vendors to issue receipt for the payment made to them. Also, they have been directed to provide the ID and address proof of everyone working with them. Since last one week, security at the main gate has been ensuring that no car cleaner comes in who has not provided his ID/address proof.

Please follow the rate chart as published and demand for the receipt of the same when the payment is done. Should any vendor try and charge more, please make a written complaint at the Association Office and you could collect information of other cleaners available to replace if required.

The cleaner is free to work alone or through a contractor. There will be no disparity in the above charge and please do not encourage extra payment that will not be signed on the rate card at the time of collection of money.



There are 3 categories:

A) Cleaners provided by a contractor
B) Individual cleaners who wash multiple cars for multiple residents. More than 1 resident has engaged the services of this 1 individual
C) Individual cleaner who is engaged by individual resident. Eg. Driver who has been asked to clean the car, or private domestic help.
We are bringing the agreement compulsory for the 1st 2 categories and the 3rd needs a letter of undertaking.

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From: Jit n Ipsita Bose
To: OwnersAtAlpineECO
Sent: Tuesday, June 12, 2012 11:52 AM
Subject: Re: [OwnersAtAlpineECO] Re: Car Washing contract by MC with the vendor for Rs 20,000?

The list of all free vendors and contracted cleaners will be available with the Estate Manager at the Association Office. The process to sign them up is on as you know the ID card distribution has started yesterday, so that they all have to resign to the fact that one leads to the other. We expect this exercise to be complete by this month end and have the list readied and updated.

The MC had sent the rate chart that appears in the agreement with them to all at the yahoo group. If you can please refer to it. I think there is a flat charge with interior cleaning once a week included in the rate based on the type of car. Should waxing be required it's at an additional cost. You will find the details in that mail.

Hopefully I've been able to take care of your concerns.

Thanks & regards,


On Jun 12, 2012, at 11:38 AM, "black_beast_at_eco" wrote:

My final set of questions (hopefully):
1) Where do I get the list of individual car washers?
2) What is the extent of service offered under the umbrella of the pricing agreed with the association? (external cleaning frequency vs car internals cleaning vs …)


—- In OwnersAtAlpineECO, Jit n Ipsita Bose wrote:


The contractor gets listed with his army of men and he declares the list of cars he services, he therefore needs to clean all daily, or a complaint from the resident that it has not been cleaned can be recorded and him affected.

There are also individuals who have not come via a contractor but their main work is to clean cars. The ones who do not pay any %age of their labour to middlemen. They list and agree and can function freely. If they do not inform when they take leave, this can be recorded and money deducted if needed on pro rata basis - to be dealt individually.

If the residents and the contractor goes into individual agreement, would that be easy to maintain and monitor? Or the Association helps in getting that done on behalf and share the rates and the way we would like them to do business?

For uninformed leave, please maintain a personal record. Deduct on pro rata basis or inform Association about poor service and put in a request for change. 3 complaints in a month about 1 person, and notice of termination will be served and or his deposit gets forfeited.

Thanks & regards,


From: black_beast_at_eco
To: OwnersAtAlpineECO
Sent: Monday, June 11, 2012 4:18 PM
Subject: [OwnersAtAlpineECO] Re: Car Washing contract by MC with the vendor for Rs 20,000?


The reasons for my questions are as follows:
a) If the contract is between the contractor and the resident then the contractor is obligated to provide the service. It is his headache to provide a replacement workers. We only pay the contractor and the contract determines how much he pays his workers.
b) If the contract is between the worker and the resident then what is the role of the contractor? This part is not at all clear. If the role of the contractor is to introduce the worker to the apartment complex then what is the contractual obligation of the contractor towards the services hired by the resident?

Finally, how do we determine the penalty/allowances for leave/absence? Are there any guidelines for this?


—- In OwnersAtAlpineECO, Jit n Ipsita Bose wrote:


The Association will get into a written agreement with a Contractor who provides cleaners or cleaners themselves who are employed by multiple owners. They have to abide by the charted rates and sync with our regulated way of receiving payments. They also will agree to a code of conduct and terms and conditions for allowing them into our premises. The refundable security deposit is a mode to have them follow our set of rules and rates defined.

Those who are operating on single case basis do not need to get into an agreement. They go by service terms set by their single employer. Eg Driver who will also wash. Or domestic help who will clean the car. It is their individual agreement whether in writing or in verbal terms. Only as an employer you will have to get their enrolment form and apply for their ID with an undertaking that the person will clean your vehicle alone.

Good thought on if the Contractor will replace personnel if one is absent. Need to put it in the discussions with the MC and them.

I hope this answers your thoughts.

Thanks & regards,


From: black_beast_at_eco
To: OwnersAtAlpineECO
Sent: Monday, June 11, 2012 2:59 PM
Subject: [OwnersAtAlpineECO] Re: Car Washing contract by MC with the vendor for Rs 20,000?


Is there a written contractual agreement between the contractor and the AEOWA? Is the contractor the service provider?

If I hire a person for car washing, will this be an agreement between the person I'm hiring and me OR an agreement between the contractor and me? If the contractor is a service provider then the agreement must be between me and the contractor. If the contractor is a party to the agreement of service then is the contractor required to provide a replacement if the person who is appointed to wash the car is absent on a particular day?



—- In OwnersAtAlpineECO, Jit n Ipsita Bose wrote:

Truly, that's the only way. If you know your car cleaner is from a contractor, bear the pain to stop his services and then the contractor will move on. But it has to be done all at once. These service providers should know the MC and the Association is open to enlisting them without a contractor's support. You could share your contact details and let them come back a few weeks later.

This needs united support for the cause of not hurting a worker's wages. We need to eliminate the middle man. There are many standing at our gates to take entry only if owners together want to change over - they need service engagement.

Our effort will continue and please bring forward those who are not attached to blood sucking middlemen!

Thanks & regards,


On Jun 11, 2012, at 10:58 AM, "black_beast_at_eco" wrote:

If a contractor is operating in the complex, how would an individual cleaner come and operate without getting influenced? We've seen in the past with milk vendors where one vendor was forcibly thrown out by the other.

If you can individually ask your cleaner to come and meet us directly at the Association and get empaneled he can then move away from the contractor, we will issue him an ID and the agreement. Thereby protecting him and his interest and all residents.

Do you think a cleaner would come forward by moving away from the contractor to clean independently? The process we had put forward could only protect his interests. What would protect him?

Once the contractor finds it's not worthwhile, he will terminate and exit. We are ready to return his deposit.

Please keep in mind that the 'workers' employed by the contractor may face some issues outside our premises and that we cannot lend support so I ask what is the best way for us all?

If we're officially getting a contractor to operate then we've practically given up on individuals earning livelihood within our complex.

One possible way is to fix the prices according to what is being charged outside. If the contractor is fine with it then it will become difficult for him to operate with that pricing and taking 50% from the workers (for workers 50% of the prevalent pricing is not going to work).

Agreed that issuing IDs will at least control the people who are entering our complex. Thank you for putting this effort.

BTW, as a protest of 50% charge by the contractor, I had asked the person who was cleaning my car not to clean it, and I'd come back to him if things change from 50% to something I feel is good. I had also told him that there is nothing against him and only against the 50% charge. I'm fine with my car being dirty (it was in that state for more than 10 months earlier).



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