A skeptic is a person who would ask God for his ID card.

Target Audience

All residents of Alpine Eco who wish to use areas requiring access card validation. In the first phase of implementation, authenticated card access systems will be used in the clubhouse.

Why use such a system ?

The primary motivation is :
A. To ensure that access clubhouse resources like gym equipment and swimming pool is conserved and used properly
B. To ensure that people follow some decorum and rules when in the clubhouse
C. To ensure that maintenance paying residents and owners get to access to the clubhouse amenities for what its worth.

From: Alpine Eco resident
Sent: Wednesday, May 16, 2012 9:52 AM
Subject: [OwnersAtAlpineECO] Any update on ID cards

We are noticing number of bachelors using swimming pool and we are not even sure they are even residents of alpine.
Looks so many outsiders are using club house facility specially on weekend. 
The only solution for this problem is to use ID cards for alpine residents. 
We can issue ID cards to those people whose names are printed on rental agreement.
This was we can avoid lot of issues.
If MC needs some support, we are ready to volunteer to make our apartment better and safe place.

When and where will this system be made operational ?

  • At the clubhouse entrance. The deadline is about 30 June 2012.

Will the system then become foolproof ?

  • There is a tradeoff between usability, practicality and security . To that end, will provide as much security as is practical.


How many access cards can be issued per flat ?

  • This is a subject of great debate. These are the options

Secular Option

  • For 2BHKs, upto 4 access cards, 3 BHKs are eligible upto 6 access cards.
  • The formula for this is : Total number of bedrooms as sactioned in your sale deed * 2
  • No, we do not check if they are your mother, father, brother, sister, spouse, etc. As long as the number of cards requested falls within the eligible number, if the primary owner asks for, will issue a card after due process.
  • This option affords the same eligibility behavior as it was done for parking at eco. To recall, 2 BHKs could get stickers upto 4 bikes and 3BHKs upto 6 bikes.

Control Unscrupulous Tenants option

  • To control the menace of unscrupulous tenancy, there is a proposal to issue only 2 cards per flat. Some think this will discourage the practice of letting out the flat to 4-6 persons in a 2 BHK.


  • This is a subject of great debate too. These are the options:

Free-for-all: As it says, free for all

First 2 cards are free

  • As it says, first two cards are free for all, you pay Rs 50 for every additional card

If you paid for it earlier, first 2 are free

  • If you paid the money 3 years ago to the previous MC and your name is captured in the list provided by the MC then, first 2 cards are free. Pay Rs 50 for every additional card. (If the name is not on the list and you can't show a receipt, then we don't know if you paid.)


  • Children below 12years need not need an ID card. They will have to sign on the register though.

What if my card gets lost/damaged after issuing ?

  • Can get a replacement after paying the additional amount eg. Rs 100 per card

If I haven't paid my dues, will I get entry into the clubhouse ?

  • No

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