Byelaws Annotated
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[Regn No. SOR/BLU/DR/27/2009-10]

  1. 13, Doddanekkundi Vil. Krishnarajapuram Hobli, Marahathalli ORR, Bangalore – 37
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a) The name of the Association shall be "ALPINE ECO APARTMENT OWNERS WELFARE
b) The Registered office of the Association shall be situated at Survey 13,
Doddanekunekkundi Village, Krishnarajapura Hobli, Bangalore East Taluk, Bangalore
c) The provisions of these Bylaws apply to the ALPINE ECO APARTMENT OWNERS
WELFARE ASSOCIATION. All present or future owners, tenants, or their employees, or
any other person who is lawfully entitled to use the facilities of the said Building, in any
manner whatsoever, shall be subject to the regulations set forth in these Bylaws. The
mere act of acquisition or rental or taking on license any property or mere occupancy of
any of the Apartments in the Alpine ECO will signify that these bylaws have been read
and understood, accepted, stand ratified and will be complied with at all times.


a) In these Bylaws, unless the context requires otherwise:
b) 'ACT' means the Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960 and Rules, 1961 and also
the Karnataka Apartment Ownership Act, 1972 and Rules, 1975, both as amended from
time to time.
ASSOCIATION constituted by such owners for the purpose of carrying out objectives of
the association as provided by the rule 3 of the Bylaws.
d) 'COMMITTEE' means the Management Committee of the Association consisting of the
President and persons all of whom shall be Apartment Owners (members/deemed
members) who are all owners of the Apartments in Alpine ECO; from among whom, a
Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and a Joint Secretary will be elected by the
Members of the Management Committee (MC).
e) 'BUILDING' means the apartments in any of the towers and blocks in "Alpine ECO",
situated at Survey 13, Doddanekunekkundi Village, Krishnarajapura Hobli, Bangalore
East Taluk and known as Alpine ECO Condominium and includes the land forming part
f) “OWNER” or “APARTMENT OWNER/OWNERS” means the person owning an
Apartment in the Alpine ECO Condominium.
g) “RESIDENT” means any person staying in Alpine ECO. The singular shall include the
plural, and the masculine shall include the feminine.
h) "MEMBER" means an Owner, as aforesaid. Such an Owner shall have full voting rights,
provided that such rights are exercised by only one person in respect of an Apartment
jointly owned by more than one person. In the latter event, the voting right shall be
exercised by the persons whose name stands first in the Declaration, unless otherwise
authorized by the other Owner/Owners of the said Apartments.
i) "ASSOCIATE MEMBER" means any person who is not an Owner, but is wholly residing,
occupying, or otherwise in lawful possession of any Apartments in the Building, and who
has been co-opted into the MC as hereinafter mentioned. Such an Associate Member
shall have no voting rights whatsoever.
j) "DEFAULTING MEMBER" means any Owner who has not paid the dues to the
Association for three months or over.
k) 'DEEMED MEMBER' means a deemed member of the Association; the spouse, parent or
any one of the children above 18 years of age who is authorized by such Owner and who
is also a Resident may be treated as a deemed member of the Association in place of

-------—— 2

such Owner. If the Apartment is Company owned for residential purposes, the Company
may nominate a deemed member.
l) "REGISTRAR" means the Registrar of Societies, appointed under the Act, Bangalore
Urban District, Bangalore.
m) "APARTMENT" which may also be termed a "FLAT" or "UNIT", (hereinafter referred to as
"APARTMENT"), means part of the Building, intended for use as a family unit for
residential purposes, including one, or more rooms, and/or enclosed space with direct
exit to a Common Area, leading to a public road.
n) COMMON AREAS AND FACILITIES: Common Areas and Facilities, unless otherwise
provided in the Declaration, or lawful amendment thereto, means:
i. The land on which the Building is located, but excluding the Building
ii. The foundations, columns, girders, beams, supports, main walls,
parapets, roofs, halls, corridors, lobbies, stairs, stairways, fire-escapes,
entrances and exits of the Building;
iii. Yards, gardens other than those allotted for private use, parking areas
other than those sold, and storage spaces;
iv. The premises used as offices, store-rooms, rest rooms, or rooms for the
lodging of janitors, or persons employed for the management of the
v. Installation for the central services, such as power, light, gas, hot and
cold water, heating, refrigeration, air-conditioning and incinerating, etc;
vi. The elevators, tanks, pumps, motors, fans, compressors, ducts, filtration
apparatus, communication facilities such as cable for television and
Internet access, security equipment and installations existing for
common use;
vii. Such community and commercial facilities as may be provided for in the
viii. All other parts of the property necessary, or convenient to its existence,
maintenance and safety, or normally in common use;
ix. Club House including all its fittings, fixtures, equipment, both movable
and fixed
o) RESTRCTED COMMON AREAS AND FACILITIES: Limited Common Areas are those
portions, which are part and parcel of the Common Areas and Facilities, but are reserved
for the use of certain apartment, to the exclusion of other apartment, and designated as
such in the Declaration.


a) Any person, or persons, HUF, Firm, Association of Persons and /or Company who/which
has purchased an Apartment in the Building from M/s Alpine Housing Development
Corporation Ltd. (here after referred to as the "Developer"), shall automatically become
the Member of the Association on payment of membership fee of Rupees five hundred
only (Rs 500/=). A Member should be 18 years or above. The membership shall not
exceed the total number of individual apartments.
b) Where two or more persons have purchased an Apartment jointly, they shall be jointly
entitled to the Apartment and the person whose name stands first shall alone have the
right to be the member of the association. However, the first Joint Owner, by a letter of
authority deposited in the office of the Association, may authorize the other Joint Owner
to be the member of the association. Only one of the Joint Apartment Owners shall be
entitled to be the member of the association or be eligible to be elected and not all the
Joint Owners.
c) "Deposit" paid by him/her per apartment to the Developer towards the proper upkeep of
the building shall be transferred to his/her account with the Association, or to the common

-------—— 3

account of the Association. Any dues to the Association not paid for three months or
more, at the discretion of MC, will be deducted from the said deposit.
d) Upon any Owner selling his/her/their Apartment, or absolutely conveying the same by
way of gift, or otherwise, the Purchaser, or Donee shall, become a Member of the
Association with same right and privileges as the previous Owner provided all dues are
paid and a 'No Dues Certificate" is obtained from the Association. The "Deposit" lying in
the account of seller shall be transferred to the new member. Any shortfall in the
"Deposit", as decided by the Association and its office bearers has to be made up by the
new Member.
e) On the death of an Owner, his/her/their Apartment shall be transferred to the person, or
persons, to whom bequeathed, or to the legal successor. The Legatee, or the Successor
shall, on satisfactory completion of legal formalities, if any, automatically becomes a
Member of the Association, with the same rights and privileges as the previous Owner.
No Transfer Fee need be paid, and the "Deposits" paid by the deceased Member shall
stand transferred to the Successor under the same terms and conditions as aforesaid.
f) Each Apartment Owner may purchase a copy of the Bylaws on payment of Rs. 100/-
(Rupees Hundred only.)
g) All owners will have to pay to the ALPINE ECO APARTMENT OWNERS WELFARE
ASSOCIATION a sum as decided by the committee before the specified last date. All
Revenue accumulated shall be deposited as a Fixed Deposit in a Public/Private Sector
Bank or used to acquire legal activity to achieve effectively, the objectives and welfare of
the Alpine ECO APARTMENT, as decided by the committee as a dedicated fund termed
sinking fund. The amount so collected shall be utilized for reconstruction of common
buildings or for carrying out structural additions or alterations to the buildings or for
carrying out heavy repairs/replacements, provided that such reconstruction /repairs do
not fall within the ambit of any agreement with an external agency for maintenance of
Alpine ECO Condominium.


a) On the Death of an Owner. If before demise, title to the Apartment had legally been
bequeathed/transferred, the Legatee(s) shall automatically continue as Member(s). In the
case of Joint Owners, the surviving Owner shall continue as Member;
b) On an Owner selling, gifting, exchanging or otherwise disposing off the Apartment;
c) On a Trust, or Registered Company, winding up its affairs.



Where two or more persons have purchased an Apartment jointly, they shall be jointly entitled to
the Apartment and the person whose name stands first shall alone have the right to vote. Only
one of the Joint Apartment Owners shall be entitled to vote or be eligible to be elected and not all
the Joint Owners. However, the first Joint Owner, by a letter of authority deposited in the office of
the Association, may authorize the other Joint Owner to vote on his/her behalf.


One member one vote will be the guiding principle.
In case a member of the association owns more than one apartment in Alpine Eco, he/she shall
be entitled to only one vote irrespective of the number of apartments owned by him/her.

-------—— 4


Any of the Trustees, duly authorized by the other Trustees can be eligible to vote


A Director, or any officer duly authorized by the Company shall be eligible to vote.


No Apartment Owner or deemed member shall be entitled to vote on the question of the election
of Members of the Management Committee or the President, Vice-President, Secretary,
Treasurer, Joint Treasurer, Joint Secretary or any other office bearer or be entitled to stand for
election to such office if he/she is in arrears in respect of his/her contribution for common
expenses to the Association for more than 30 days on the day of election. The names of Owners
and the amounts in arrears for more than 30 days shall be displayed on the Notice Board of the
Association till such time, as the arrears remain un-cleared.


Voting will be by secret ballot, or show of hands, as decided by the Members voting either in
person, or by proxy, as specified in Bylaw herein below.


For an Annual General Body Meeting or a Special General Body Meeting, 50 members or their
duly authorized person can constitute a Quorum. In the absence of a majority, the Meeting shall
be adjourned and shall be held at the same venue after one hour on the same day, without
further adjournment and with available members present. Communication about the new time of
the meeting will be put on notice board.


In any Meeting of the Association, vote shall be cast in person or through a duly authorized proxy.
The authority to a proxy must be in writing. The proxy must be deposited with the
Secretary/President of the Association not less than 48 hours before the time for holding the
Meeting. The proxy need not be a Member, but no person may be a proxy for more than four
members. The role of proxy is only restricted to the extent of casting of votes as authorized by the
members. The proxy cannot participate in the deliberations of the Annual General Meeting.


a) The Association shall be a non-profit organization.
b) The Association will have the responsibility of administering The ALPINE ECO
collecting periodical and adhoc payments and arranging for management of the
Condominium in an efficient manner. Except otherwise provided, a Resolution of the
Association shall require approval by a majority of owners either present in the meeting
and casting votes in person or casting votes through the authorized proxy.
c) The Association may frame rules to amplify these bylaws and these rules, which shall be
applicable to all members /residents after they are passed in the annual general meeting
or . In the event of any doubts or contradictions, the bylaws shall prevail over the rules.

-------—— 5

d) The Association shall generally look after and be responsible for safeguarding, promoting
and protecting rights and well being of members, and enforcing their respective obligation
to each other.
e) The Association shall represent the collective interest of the Community in ALPINE ECO
with various external agencies.
f) The Association shall commence/defend any legal proceedings only in so far as it is
related or connected with and affects the Members and the affairs of the Alpine ECO & its
g) The Association shall promote and strive for a peaceful co-existence among all members
of the association.
h) The Association shall regulate the manner and prescribe restrictions and conditions for
and under which any member shall transfer or part with the possession of his ownership
of a property in Alpine ECO so as to ensure compliance with these bylaws and rules by
the transferees.
i) The Association shall have unhindered access to all its facilities located and designated
as Association Office for operation & its maintenance.
j) The association will not be responsible for any loss caused to members they might have
suffered by act of God like: earthquake, flood, fire, riot or willful act of any member
k) In emergent situations the President and or Secretary can take decisions which may be
even out side the purview of bye laws but will seek ratification for such decisions from the
Committee in the next meeting.


First meeting of the Association shall be held at the premises of Alpine ECO Apartments.
Chairperson to conduct the proceedings/meeting shall be elected from among Members/deemed
Members present, prior to the commencement of such Meetings. President of the Association
shall be the Chairperson for all subsequent meetings. In his absence, Vice-President will chair
these meetings.


The first Annual General Body meeting of the association shall be held within 3 months of the
date of registration of the Association. Thereafter, the Annual Meeting of the Association shall be
held during any day of the month of July or August, in each succeeding year. The Meeting may
also transact such other business of the Association as may be properly brought up before it. The
principal Officers of the Association shall be elected preferably by ballot among Apartment
Owners/deemed members in accordance with the requirement of the Bylaws.


It shall be the duty of the Secretary to call a Special General Body meeting of the Apartment
Owners as directed by a resolution of the Management Committee or within 10 days upon petition
signed by at least 50 members of the Association having been presented to the Secretary. The
notice of the Special Meeting shall state the date, time and place of such Meeting and the
purpose thereof. No other business shall be transacted at a Special meeting except as stated in
the notice.
-------—— 6


It shall be the duty of the Secretary to circulate an e-mail, or a notice of each Annual or Special
Meeting, stating the purpose thereof and the Agenda for the meeting as well as the date, time
and place where it is to be held, to each Apartment Owner, at least 21 days prior to the date of
such Meeting. The circulation of this notice in the manner provided in this Bylaw shall be
considered as notice served. The notice shall also be displayed on the Notice board of the
association. No notice shall be required to be sent in respect of any adjourned meeting.


If the meeting of the owners cannot be organized because of lack of quorum, the members who
are present may adjourn the meeting to the same day, 1 hour later. And, the meeting will take
place with the available members.


a) The order of business at the Annual general body meetings of the Association shall be
stipulated by an Agenda that shall include, among other things, the following:
b) Roll call and election of chairman to conduct the meeting.
c) Condolences. And reading of the agenda of the Meeting.
d) Consider and approve the Minutes of the preceding Annual General Meeting and Special
Meeting/s, if any and to note the actions taken thereon.
e) Consider and approve the Management Committee's Annual Report for the preceding
f) Report of sub-committees and their adoption, with changes, if any.
g) Adoption of the audited accounts for the preceding year along with the Auditor's Report
and the treasurer's report, after discussion thereon.
h) Election of the office Bearers and members of the management Committee.
i) Adoption of the Budget for the following year.
j) Amendments, if any, to Rules and Bylaws of the Association.
k) Appoint auditors and fix their remuneration. Auditors so appointed shall hold office till the
next Annual General Meeting.
l) Any other business with the permission of the chair.
m) Consider, scrutinize, approve and accept the Income and Expenditure Account and
Balance sheet of the Association for the preceding year and approve and sanction the
annual budget for the next year;
n) Consider, approve, and initiate such action as may be necessary on the reports of the
secretary and Auditors;
o) Consider, approve and initiate such action as may be necessary on reports, if any
submitted by the committees;
p) Consider, and initiate such action as may be necessary on the report of the Registrar, or
of the Officer duly authorized by him;
q) Consider, and deal with appeals against the action of the MC, if any, or any Member
r) Consider appointment of sub-committees to take care of cultural, recreational, security,
maintenance, club house, services etc.

-------—— 7


A Management Committee of the Members of the Association shall govern the affairs of the
Association. The working hours for the office of the Association - which will be manned by the
appointed Estate Manager, shall be from 09.00 hours to 17.00 hours on all days except Tuesday,
(Tuesday will be the weekly holiday) and other statutory holidays as may be fixed by the
Management Committee from time to time.


The Management Committee shall have all the powers, and duties necessary for the
administration of the affairs of the Association, and may do all such acts, and things as are, by
law, or by these Bylaws directed to be exercised and done by the Owners. The MC shall also
have the powers to co-opt two persons from among the Owners, or from persons who are not
Owners, but are wholly residing, occupying, or otherwise in lawful possession of any Apartment in
the Building, to assist the MC in its day-to-day activities. In the latter case, the persons so co-
opted shall become "ASSOCIATE MEMBERS", which title they shall hold till such time they serve
on the MC as co-opted Members. Such Associate Members shall, however, have no voting rights
whatsoever. The MC shall also have the powers to appoint Sub-Committees from among its
Members, and Associate Members, or from persons who are not, Owners, but are wholly resident
in any apartment In the Building, and assign such duties to them as they deem appropriate for the
better upkeep of the Building.


a) The care, upkeep and surveillance of the Building, including the Common Areas and
b) The assessment, and collection of all charges towards maintenance/supply of goods and
services and the general upkeep of the Building;
c) The assessment and collection of charges for the usage of common areas (club house,
basement, etc) for commercial activities.
d) The designation, employment, remuneration, and dismissal of the personnel necessary
for the maintenance and operation of the building, including the Common Areas and
e) The setting up of a proper procedure for carrying out the audit and maintaining the
accounts of the Association;
f) To inspect the accounts kept by the Secretary, or Treasures, and examine the register
and account books, and to take steps for the recovery of all sums due to the Association;
g) To sanction working expenses, maintain cash balances, and deal with other
miscellaneous business;
h) To see that the Cash Book is written up promptly, and is signed duly by one of the
Members of the MC so authorised in this behalf;
i) To hear, and deal with complaints;
j) To make all payments to Government, semi-Government and other such bodies, as due
by the Association.
k) Finalize the Budget to be presented to AGM.
l) Present duly audited accounts to AGM
m) To levy and collect parking fee from owners who do not have parking slots.
n) Authorized to enter into or terminate existing contracts with service providers

-------—— 8


The Management Committee may employ, for the Association, a Manager / Supervisor and the
other subordinate workers at remuneration determined by the Management Committee to perform
such duties and services as the Management Committee may authorize. The Management
Committee may, by a Resolution, remove, dismiss, or suspend any employee of the Association.


a) The term of Office of the Management Committee elected at any Annual General Body
Meeting shall be for one year. New Committee members shall be elected at the Annual
General Body Meeting.
b) The retiring Committee members are eligible for re-election.
c) No Committee member shall be eligible for election for more than six consecutive terms.
It is clarified that such member is eligible for the re-election to the Committee of
management after a gap of one year.


Vacancies caused in the MC by any reason, shall be filled in by co-option of another non elected
member at the management committee meeting held next and such newly co-opted member
shall hold office until the conclusion of next Annual General Meeting of the Association.


At any Annual or Special General Body Meeting duly constituted with required quorum, any one
or all the Members may be removed, with or without cause, by a majority of the Apartment
Owners present at such Meeting and successors may, then and there, be elected to fill the
vacancy thus created. Any Committee Member, whose removal has been proposed by the
Owners, shall be given an opportunity to be heard at the Meeting. A person so removed shall not
be eligible to stand for election to the MC for a period of two years.
If any management committee member fails to attend the meetings of the MC on three
consecutive occasions without leave of absence, the MC shall have the power to remove him/her
from the committee.


The first Meeting of a newly elected Management Committee shall be held within ten days of
election at such place as shall be fixed by the President. At the Meeting at which such Members
were elected and no notice shall be necessary to the newly elected Members, in order to legally
constitute such Meeting, provided a majority of the Management Committee shall be present.


Regular Meetings of the Committee may be held at such date, time and place as shall be
determined from time to time by a majority of its Members and, at least, one such Meeting shall
be held during each calendar month. Notice of regular Meetings of the Committee shall be given
to each Committee Member personally or by mail or telegram at least three clear days prior to the
day named for such Meetings. The notice shall also be displayed on the Notice Board of the
Association at least 3 days prior to the Meeting. The Secretary shall maintain the minutes of all
such Management Committee Meetings in consultation with the President and shall cause such
minutes to be recorded within 30 days of the meeting so held.

-------—— 9


Special Meetings of the Management Committee may be called by the President on ten days
notice to each Committee Member, given personally or by mail or telegram and such notice shall
state date, time, place (as herein above provided) and purpose of Meeting. The period of notice
for such a meeting shall be decided by the President; dependant on the urgency of the matter to
be discussed at such meeting. Special Meetings of the MC shall be called by the President, or
Secretary, in like manner, and on like notice, on the written request of at least three Members.


Emergency meetings of the Management Committee may be convened by the President or the
Secretary without notice giving sufficient jurisdiction for convening the meeting. All decisions of
the Emergency meeting shall be ratified at a Special Meeting convened for the purpose within 15
days of the Emergency Meeting.


Before, or at any meeting of the MC, any Committee Member, may in writing, waive notice of
such meetings, and such waiver shall be deemed equivalent to the giving of such notice.
Attendance by a Committee Member at any meeting of the MC, shall be waiver of notice by him
of the time and place thereof. If all the Committee Members are present at any meeting of the
MC, no notice shall be required, and any business may be transacted at such a meeting.


At all meetings of the MC, the presence of one third of the MC members shall constitute a
quorum for the transaction of business, and the acts of the Members present at the meeting at
which the quorum is present, shall be the acts of the MC. If at any meeting of the MC, there be
less than a quorum present, the majority of those present may adjourn the meeting to a
subsequent time and date. If at such an adjourned meeting also no quorum is present, any
business which was tabled for discussion at the meeting may be taken up, without further notice,
and the decisions arrived at shall be binding on all.


An elected Management Committee member may resign at any time by sending a letter of
resignation to the President or in his absence to the Secretary of the Association, but the
resignation shall take effect from the date of acceptance by the Managing Committee or one
month from tendering resignation whichever is earlier.


The designations of the Principal Officers of the MC, or Office Bearers as they may also be
called, shall be the President, who is so elected by the Management Committee Members, the
Secretary, and the Treasurer. A Vice President, a Joint Secretary(ies) and/or a Joint Treasurer(s)
may also be appointed by the Committee Members.

-------—— 10


The President, Secretary, and Treasurer shall be selected by the Committee, from among the
Members elected to the MC by the General Body. The selection shall be made at the first
organization meeting of the MC, which shall be held immediately after the Annual General


Upon the written request of a majority of the Members of the MC, any Office Bearer may be
removed from his office by the President if he/she so desires; with or without assigning any
reason, and his successor/s selected at any regular meeting of the MC, or at any Special Meeting
of the MC called for such purpose. The person so removed may, however, continue on the MC as
an Ordinary Member, if he/she so desires. The decision to remove a member shall be ratified at
the AGM immediately following the removal failing which the removed shall be entitled to be
reinstated to the post he/ she was holding immediately prior to his/ her removal and shall also be
entitled hold such position as if he/she was not removed.


The President shall be the head of the Association, and shall guide and supervise its various
activities. He/She shall preside over the Annual General, Special, and other MC Meetings, the
proceedings of which shall be conducted under his direction, and general supervision. His/Her
rulings shall be final at all such meetings. He/She shall have an additional "CASTING VOTE" in
the event of a tie in the voting. The Vice President shall enjoy all the powers of the President in
his/her absence.


The Secretary shall be responsible to the MC for all day to day activities relating to the proper
management, maintenance and upkeep of the Building and shall:
a) Look after the administration and other affairs and attend to all correspondence;
b) Keep accurate minutes of the proceedings of all meetings of the MC, and of the Annual
General and Special Meetings;
c) Give effect to the directions and decisions taken at such meetings;
d) Collect all dues to the Association and ensure through the Treasurer, where appointed,
that proper accounts are maintained of all financial transactions relating to the
e) Manage, and control the staff, and take disciplinary action where necessary;
f) Institute, prosecute and defend suits and other proceedings in which the Association may
be involved;
g) Prepare the Annual Report, and financial Statement of Accounts under the guidance of
the MC;
h) Generally perform all such duties as are incidental to the Office of Secretary. The
Secretary shall maintain an imprest cash amount of Rs.5,000/ - (Rupees five thousand
only) for incidental expenses.
i) Maintain a Register of Members.
j) He shall have charge of such books and papers as the management Committee may
direct and He shall, in general, perform all the duties as authorized by the Management
Committee and incidental to the office of an association secretary.
k) The Joint Secretary shall work closely with the Secretary and shall perform the duties of
the Secretary in his/her absence.

-------—— 11


The Treasurer shall be responsible for the Association funds and securities and shall also be
responsible for keeping full and accurate accounts of all receipts and disbursements in the books
belonging to the Association. He shall be responsible for the deposit of all money and other
effects in the name and to the credit of the Association in such depositories as may from time to
time be designated by the Management Committee. In the absence of Treasurer, the Joint
Treasurer will perform duties of the Treasurer.


a) The code of conduct are designed with keeping the common interest of owners/residents
in mind with the following objectives:
I. to ensure a SAFE & Secure and secure living environment for the residents;
II. to ensure COMFORTABLE and peaceful living for the residents by ensuring that
the amenities and common facilities are in good shape and available to all;
III. to facilitate residents enjoying the benefits of COMMUNITY LIVING;
IV. to preserve and enhance the BRAND VALUE of Alpine ECO by making it the most
desirable place to live in the city

b) In addition to following code of conduct, the Association may issue additional guidelines
in line with the above objectives. It is the responsibility of the owners to ensure that these
are communicated to the residents in their apartment and are complied with.
c) Every Member shall abide by the Bylaws of the Association and follow all instructions of
the General Body, as conveyed through the Management Committee.
d) Every Owner shall pay monthly assessments as fixed by the MC for the proper upkeep
and maintenance of the Building, which may include monthly payments to the General
Operating Fund, Reserve Fund and Sinking Fund, if any for periodic repair, renovation,
replacement etc. The assessment may also include an insurance premium for a policy to
cover the cost of repair of damages caused by hurricane, fire, earthquake or other hazard
or calamity.
e) The assessment shall be made pro-rata according to the area of the Apartment vis-àvis
the total area of the land on which the Building has been constructed. All such
assessments shall be paid within the prescribed time and place, failing which the services
rendered by the Association may be forfeited, as provided for in the Bylaw herein under.
f) Every Owner who lets his/her/their apartment for occupation by other on lease, tenancy,
mortgagee, or otherwise, shall include in the relevant Agreement, a clause as approved
by the Association, binding the occupant to pay, in proper time, the monthly maintenance
assessments DIRECTLY to the Association. A copy of the said Agreement, along with an
undertaking by the occupant to abide strictly by the Bylaws of the Association, and to
make payment in full, and in time, all maintenance assessment as raised, shall be
submitted to the Association BEFORE occupation of the Apartment.
g) This, however, shall not absolve the Owner from his/her/their responsibility to ensure that
all assessments on his/her/their/ Apartment are paid in time as specified by the MC from
time to time, and in the event of any default by his/her/their occupant, shall
himself/herself/ themselves make all payment as raised by the MC.
h) Every Owner shall perform promptly all maintenance and repair work within his own
apartment, which if omitted would affect the Building in entirety, or in a part belonging to
other owners being expressly responsible for the damages and liabilities that his/her/their
failure to do so may endanger. In doing so he/she/they shall not make any alteration, or
modification which may affect the facade or the main structure of the Building or the
common walls or floors between two units.
i) Every Owner shall bear the cost of all repairs to the internal installations of his/her/their
Apartments, such as water, light, gas, power, sewage, telephone, air conditioners,

-------—— 12

sanitary installations, doors, windows, lamps and all other accessories belonging to the
j) Every owner/Resident shall fully, and without delay, reimburse the Association for any
expenditure in repairing or replacing any damages to the Building including the Common
Areas and facilities caused through his/her/their fault.
k) Every Owner/Resident shall grant the right of entry to the Members of the MC, or any
person authorised by them, in case of any emergency originating in or threatening
his/her/their apartment whether the Owner is present or not.
l) Every owner/resident shall permit the Members of the MC or any person authorised by
them to enter the Apartment for the purpose of performing installations, alterations, or
repairs to the mechanical or electrical services, provided that the requests for entry are
made in advance, and that such entry is at a time convenient to the Owner. In case of an
emergency such right of entry shall be immediate and without notice.
m) Every Owner/Resident shall ensure that the Apartment is not used for any purpose other
than residential, except with the express, written permission of the MC and that other
spaces allotted to him/her/them are utilised only for the specified purposes for which the
allotments are made. No Owner/Resident shall use any part of the Premises for any
commercial purpose whatsoever.
n) Every Owner/Resident shall ensure that his/her/their children play only at places allotted
if any and during the hours prescribed by the MC.
o) No owner/tenant shall use the premises to store inflammable articles except cooking gas
cylinders [number of cylinders as per permissible for residential use] in order to prevent
fire accidents.
p) Plastic or paper materials, sanitary napkins, bags, etc. or any other solid waste material
shall not be flushed in the toilets, to prevent blockage of the sewerage lines in Alpine
q) Clothes shall not be dried in manner that cause inconvenience to other residents or affect
the aesthetics/appearance of the Alpine Eco complex.
r) Every Owner / Resident shall ensure that the Building and the Common Areas are kept
clean. No garbage or waste shall be thrown out of the window or from the balconies into
the common areas or outside the compound wall but shall be collected by the designated
cleaning personnel, from door to door every morning. Garbage shall not be kept
overnight in any of the common areas or outside doors of apartments.
s) Occupants of apartments shall not leave water taps open at night or when leaving the
apartment. For wastage of water leading to emptying of tank or hardships to other
owners/tenants, special charges will be levied on the occupant.
t) Water or any other liquid shall not be thrown out of the window or balcony as also
cigarette ends, match sticks, hair, etc.
u) Every Owner/Resident shall ensure that the rights and privileges of other owners are
respected and that no inconvenience is caused to them in any manner. may occupy one
apartment. Subletting or sharing an apartment, whether for monetary benefit or otherwise
is not permitted. Servant's families are not to be permitted to share the apartment. Only
one servant can stay in the apartment
v) Every Owner/Resident shall ensure that the staff employed by him/her/them bear a good
character and shall be responsible for their behavior and actions while in his /her / their
w) Every Owner/Resident shall exercise due care about making noise or any kind or use
musical instruments, radios, television sets, amplifiers etc that may disturb others.
x) Spitting in the premises or from the balconies or windows is strictly prohibited. Smoking in
the lifts and lift lobbies are strictly prohibited.
y) Every Owner shall furnish relevant particulars of any person/ persons other than the
Owners themselves in occupation of his/her/their Apartment as may be required by the
MC. A letter of authorization for such occupation shall be given to the MC before the

-------—— 13

z) Every owner should inform the Association in advance about the change in occupancy of
their apartment. For every such change that involves movement of household goods in or
out of building, a Shifting Fee of Rs. 1000 per occasion will be levied to cover the repairs
for minor damages in common area, additional security and housekeeping efforts put in
by the Association. The Owner/Resident should take adequate care that no damage is
done to lifts or any other common area due to this movement. The cost of repairing any
major damages, at the discretion of MC, will be charged to the Owner's account.
aa) No Owner shall sell, or otherwise transfer his / her / their Apartment to anyone without
prior notice to the Association and/ or without paying in full all amounts due to the
Association and obtaining a "NO DUES CERTIFICATE" from the Association. Any default
in this regard will result in the transferee being denied any or all of the services rendered
by the Association including the supply of services that require upkeep and maintenance
on a regular basis, unless the transferee undertakes in writing to pay all the dues and
does so before occupation of the Apartment.
bb) No Owner shall make any structural or other modifications which may alter the facade of
the Building in any way, whatsoever, save and except grills, which may be provided as a
measure of safety, but only as approved by the MC, and under its written orders. The
grills/window shutters /glass shutters to be installed as per designs prescribed by
cc) Changing the colors scheme or decoration/appearance of any exterior finish (including
apartment balconies) of the building or of any apartment is prohibited. The grills/window
shutters /glass shutters to be installed as per designs prescribed by AEAOA.
dd) No Owner/Resident shall make any structural or other modification or alteration or repair
within the Apartment or on installations located therein without notifying the Association
through the President/ Secretary of the MC, and receiving its approval. The Association
shall have the obligation to answer; within seven days and failure to do so within the
stipulated time shall mean that there is no objection to the proposed modification, repair,
alteration or installation being undertaken. The Association shall not refuse permission,
unless the work proposed is likely to affect the safety of the Building, or the installations
provided therein, or alters the facade, or inconveniences the Owners of the adjacent
ee) No Owner/Resident shall place or cause to be placed in the lobbies, vestibules,
stairways, elevators and other areas both Common and limited any furniture, packages,
cycles or objects of any kind, except while in normal transit through them.
ff) No Owner/Resident shall use any portion of the Common area of the Building without the
written permission of the MC. The MC may grant permission for such occupation, for
short periods, for marriages or other social functions, at their discretion, provided that the
premises so used is released in the same condition as it was taken, and the cost of
cleaning the premises, or repairing damages if any, is borne by the user.
gg) No Owner/Resident shall install any machinery, or equipment, like generators etc in the
Common Areas, especially in the lobbies or under staircase that makes a noise, or
causes disturbances to other residents, in any way.
hh) No Owner/Resident shall put up any hoarding, advertisement, notice, or poster of any
kind, in or on the Building, except as authorised by the Association.
ii) No Owner/Resident shall hang garments, rugs, etc. from the windows, balconies,
parapets, or from any of the facades of the Building, as this is strictly prohibited. Further,
no Owner/Resident shall dust rugs in any manner on the windows, balconies or on the
Common Areas, including the lobbies and landings.
jj) No Owner/Resident shall install wiring for electrical, telephone, or fax machines,
television antennae, air-conditioning units, or machines on the exterior of the Building,
which protrudes through, or above the walls or roof, except as authorised by the MC.
kk) No Owner /Resident shall engage any staff of the Association for any personal work
without the sanction of the MC.
ll) No Owner/Resident, or any person connected with him/her/them, shall cause any
damage, whatsoever, to any asset of the Association. In the event of so doing, the full
cost of repairing such damage shall be borne by the Owner/Resident.

-------—— 14

mm) No Owner/Resident shall use the Common Areas, including Limited Areas, for
any purpose which may hurt the sentiments, or feelings of any of the residents. The
decision of the MC shall be final in any case of difference of opinion.
nn) No Owner/Resident shall object to any work being undertaken by the MC which is in the
common interest of the Owners, even if such work may cause some inconvenience to
oo) No Owner/Resident shall, under any circumstances, threaten, abuse, reprimand, assault
or in any way take up with the staff employed by the Association, but may report any
misbehavior, or neglect of duty by them to the MC.
pp) All Owners/Residents are governed by the club rules which may be placed on all notice
boards from time to time.
qq) In case of inter apartment seepage/ leakages, except due to inherent defect arising
during the construction of the building, the managing committee shall fix the
responsibility, in consultation with the concerned apartment owners, who shall be
responsible to repair the same and the decision of the managing committee shall be final
and binding on the owner/ s concerned.
rr) Any Owner who fails to pay for three months, or more, any amounts due to the
Association, shall be deemed a "'DEFAULTING MEMBER", and shall be debarred from
voting, or standing for election to MC.
ss) Non-payment of dues to the Association for three months or over shall constitute just and
sufficient reasons, for the MC to deny the use of any, or all, of the facilities and services,
offered to its Members, PROVIDED that due notice in writing, which shall not be less than
fifteen days, is given to the Defaulting Member. The Notice shall be sent by Registered
Post. In the event of the registered letter not being accepted by the Defaulting Member,
the Notice shall be affixed to the main door of his/her/their Apartment, and also put up on
the Notice Board of the Association for the information of its Members. On expiry of
fifteen days from the date the Notice is posted on the door of the defaulting Member's
Apartment, the Association shall be entitled to initiate action for withdrawing its services
to the defaulting member.
tt) In the event of default in payment of dues to the Association for three months, or more,
the Association shall have the right to deduct such dues, from any Deposits made by the
Defaulting Member and held by the Association along with the penal interest that may be
fixed by the Association. And the association may initiate appropriate legal action to
recover the dues against such defaulting member inaccordance with law.
uu) Defaulting Members shall not be entitled to any of the rights and privileges enjoyed by the
other Members, or to the services, and facilities offered by the Association, and shall
forfeit all voting rights, whatsoever till all dues are cleared.
vv) The Apartment shall not be used for any purpose other than residential, except with
specific, written permission of the Managing Committee, and under such terms and
conditions as may be laid by it.
ww) If any owner rents or leases out his/her apartment to single person(s) on sharing basis,
he/she has to ensure that the number of persons to whom the apartment is rented/leased
is not more than two in case of two bedroom apartment unit and three in case of three
bedroom apartment unit.
xx) If any member of the association/club house violates the rules of conduct in the club
house and/or misbehaves with the staff and/or other owners, the association shall hold
the right to levy a fine of Rs 500/- for every occurrence.
yy) No apartment shall be let out to any student or group of students or as a hostel or to any
organization for running as a guest house/Service Apartment.

Association neither encourages nor discourages owners to keep pets. However, since it
is understood that it is the right of owners to enjoy full ownership of their Apartments,
either banning pets or letting pets in the complex without proper safeguards is a violation
of the above right.

-------—— 15

Pet owners are expected to exercise their right to acquire and maintain a pet making sure
that in the process they do not violate someone else’s right to enjoy the ownership of his
apartment without hindrance. Accordingly, the following rules are framed governing pets.
1. Whenever a pet is kept, it has to be intimated to the Management Committee in
advance (i.e. before acquiring a pet). In case of any dispute as to whether a
particular animal constitutes a "Pet", the decision of the Management Committee
based on normal prudence, will be the final decision.
2. All Pets will be acquired within the purview of Laws, Rules and Regulations
notified by the Government and other Civic Authorities. In case someone
acquires a pet prohibited by law, Association considers it its moral responsibility
to actively inform concerned authorities.
3. Owners will ensure that Pets are not a nuisance to the other residents in Alpine
The owners of the pets should be fully responsible for cleaning the droppings,
etc. within the complex and will deposit the same in the garbage bins.
4. Pets will be properly inoculated, and the inoculation certificates submitted to the
Pets will be properly restrained when outside the Flats to which they belong.
Such restraints maybe chains/leases or other suitable restraints depending on
the nature of pets.
5. Pets will not be left unattended in the Flats for unreasonable duration. This is to
protect the interest of the Pet as well as the neighbors. Association reserves the
right to take suitable action as deem fit in such situations.
6. Pets will not be allowed in the following locations:
a. Swimming Pool Area.
b. Club House.
c. Children’s Play Area.
d. Temple.
e. Green areas like lawns and gardens.
7. Amphitheatre will be otherwise allowed but out of bounds for pets if an official
event is organized. Use of Lifts for ferrying pets will be governed by the facts that
people come before pets. Accordingly, while empty lifts maybe used to take pets
to higher floors and bring them down without restrictions, the following points
stand valid:
a. The Pet has to be taken out in case someone who is already in the lift or
is desirous of taking the lift objects to the pet,
b. In case of Children and Elders, pets need to be necessarily taken out of
the lift, if already in the Lift prior to person(s) belonging to this group
being there, or not taken into the lift if person(s) belonging to this group is
in the lift,
c. Ensure that the Lift is free of Pet Litter like Hair, Droppings, Urine etc.
8. With respect to a pet, if the safety of any Person(s) is in jeopardy, Security
stands advised to take appropriate action.
9. Cost of any damages, injuries, etc caused by Pets despite the above safeguards
will be billed to the concerned Pet owner.
10. For all violations involving pets, a fine will be imposed over and above cost of
damages. Repeat violations of the same nature will impose twice the normal fine
amount. The base amount of fine for first offense is as below:
a. Allowing Pets to roam unattended in the complex in lobbies and corridors
and prohibited areas: Rs 500.00.
b. Allowing Pets to roam around in Lobbies and Corridors and prohibited
areas: Rs 1000.00 as the practice in these close confines or in proximity
to children is more dangerous.
c. Taking Chained or Leashed Pets to prohibited areas: Rs. 500.00.
d. Not cleaning up after your pet: Rs 500.00

-------—— 16

e) Leaving pets unattended at home for unreasonable duration: Rs. 500.00.
Association also reserves the right to take appropriate action including
informing concerned authorities.

1. Lifts are intended to carry apartment Owners/Residents and their guests/visitors.
Every Owner/Resident shall use the lifts in such a manner as not to damage them
in any way. Other then luggage, no package, box, crate or any other article shall be
permitted, except with the permission of the MC. No single item weighing 50 Kgs
and above shall be allowed without the prior permission and in the presence of a
representative of the MC.
2. The inside of the lift should always be kept clean by not carrying or throwing
rubbish and also by not scratching, writing etc.
3. Sticking notices inside Lifts, without Association permission strictly prohibited.
Pressing the Non-stop button is not allowed except in case of emergency.

1. Residents’ vehicles without Association authorized stickers will not be allowed
inside Alpine Eco.
2. Driving in wrong direction, parking in drive ways and non-cooperation with Security
staff in the performance of their legitimate duties will attract penalty.
3. Parking of vehicles in others’ car parks without permission from the concerned
owner/Association will also attract penalty.
4. Any luggage/goods/vehicles of residents and vendors can be subjected to checking
while moving out by security if required. Shifting of material in and out of the
complex should be done only between 7 AM and 9 PM.
5. Owners/occupants while driving their vehicles inside Alpine Eco should be
judicious in the use of sound horn and restrict the speed of the vehicles to prevent
accidents and to ensure the safety of life and property. Reversing horns/music is
banned inside Alpine Eco.
6. No resident will use the car park area for any purpose other than for parking of
cars/two wheelers. Storage, cooking, carpentry etc. in car park area are prohibited
without prior approval of Association.
7. No parking area shall be let out by its owner to any one other than a member of the
Association or a tenant or another owner residing in the complex and for no other
purpose than parking of vehicles.
8. No vehicles are to be parked in the common areas. An owner/tenant is allowed to
park his vehicle in another’s allotted space only with the permission, in writing, of
the owner communicated to the Association.
9. No Owner/Resident shall park his/her/their car or two wheeler except at the place
allotted to him/her/them. Owners of two wheelers not allotted parking spaces shall
park their vehicles inside the boundary of the Building only at the discretion of the
MC. Visitors' vehicles shall parked only in the designated area in the Building.

1. For security, all visitors have to identify themselves to the Security Staff while
entering the complex by signing the visitors’ book.
2. Visitors will be allowed inside the Complex only after verification by the concerned
owner to security over phone.
3. Visitors are not expected to use any of the common facilities provided in the
Complex. Visitors’ vehicles have to be parked purely temporarily in the designated
visitor parking area only. Chauffeur driven vehicles after drop/pickup should be
parked in the visitors parking area only.

-------—— 17

1. Hawkers will not be permitted inside the complex without proper identification. Only
those specifically permitted viz. newspaper boys, milk vendors, vegetable vendors,
maid servants, drivers etc who have been issued identity cards will be permitted.
2. Carpenters/ Electricians / Masons and other contract laborers are not allowed to
stay overnight inside the apartment complex without prior approval of AEAOA.
They are not allowed to work on Sundays. On other days their work time will be
restricted to between 8AM and 8PM. Any violation of the above timing will attract
Rs 500 as fine per instance and the work need to be immediately stopped.
3. AEAOA appointed facility management services [plumbers and electricians] are
primarily for common area work to ensure that water, electricity, and lift services
are provided to all residents. AEAOA appointed facility management services will
attend individual apartment issues, but the responsibility of material and warranty
replacement is entirely on flat owners. A charge of Rs 50 [subject to review from
time to time] will be levied from residents if the plumbing issues are caused by
domestic wastage thrown in to kitchen or toilets.
4. In case of emergencies or in any event that requires physical intervention in to any
apartments for the sake of rescuing the inhabitants; any material damages arising
out of such intervention will be borne by residents.

1. Parties, Function are allowed only in designated party locations, in individual
apartments and in AEAOA approved permanent and temporary locations.
2. When the Party is taking place in the Individual Apartment, it is to be ensured that
it’s not disturbing the neighbors.
3. Loud Music disturbing the peace of the Complex is not allowed.

4. Cleanliness after the event is the organizers responsibility.

5. Each Approved Party in common areas will be allowed only after the payment of suitable
Fee (as decided by the MC) and suitable refundable security deposits as announced from
time to time.
6. Any damages will be recovered from the Security Deposit.


Funds may be raised by the Association in all or any of the following ways:
· By Membership Fees and Transfer Fees.
· By contribution and donation from the Apartment Owners.
· From surplus of Income over Expenditure which shall form the nucleus of the Reserve
· By raising loans, if necessary, subject to such terms and conditions of the Association
with the approval of the General Body.
· By hiring/leasing of any permitted common areas/ facilities to providers of commons
goods and services/ members.

The Association may invest, or deposit its funds in anyone or more of the
a) In any of the securities specified in Section 20 of the Indian Trust Act, 1882;
b) In any Public Sector Bank, or Government Financial Institution; or
c) In any banking company, or institution, approved for this purpose by the Association.

-------—— 18

d) In the units of various schemes of listed mutual funds such that no more than 20% of the
total investment of the Association is invested in equity funds.


Should there be any Federation of Associations of Apartment Owners in Bangalore, the
Association may become a member thereof and pay the contribution from time to time payable to
such Federation under its rules.


1) A Banking account shall be opened by the Management Committee of the Association,
into which all moneys received on behalf of the Association shall be paid, provided that
the Treasurer or the Manager in charge may retain in his personal custody an amount not
exceeding Rs.5000/- (Rupees Five Thousand only) for petty expenses. All payments
above Rs.500/- (Rupees Five Hundred only) shall be made by cheques signed by the
Treasurer and one or two Members of the Management Committee as authorized by
respective Resolutions of the Committee.
2) The Association shall, on or before June 30 of each year, publish an audited Annual
Financial Statement containing:
a. The profits and loss account
b. The receipts and expenditure of the previous financial year.
c. A summary of the properties and assets and liabilities of the common area and
facilities of the Association, giving such particulars as will disclose the general
nature of these liabilities and assets and how the value of fixed assets has been
arrived at.

3) The audited financial statement shall be open to the inspection of any Member of the
Association during the office hours and in the office of the Association, and a copy
thereof shall be submitted to the competent authority not later than 15th August every
4) Every financial statement shall be accompanied by a complete list of the Apartment
Owners as on March 31st each year. The financial statement shall state up to what dates
profits and expenses of common area are included.


The financial year of the Association shall be from 1st of April to 31st March. A copy of the last
financial statement and the report of the Auditor, if any, shall be kept in a conspicuous place in
the Office of the Association.


The Association shall appoint at its Annual General Meeting, an Auditor who shall audit the
accounts of the Association, to be prepared by the MC as here in before provided, and shall
examine the annual return, and verify the same with the accounts relating thereto, and shall either
sign the same as found by him/her to be correct, duly verified, and in accordance with Law, or
specifically report to the Association in what respect he/she finds it incorrect, unvouched, and not
in accordance with law.

-------—— 19


The Auditor shall be entitled to call for, and examine any papers or documents belonging to the
Association relating to the Building, including the Common Areas and Facilities and Limited
Common Areas, and shall make a special report to the Association upon any matter connected
with the accounts which appears to him/her to require notice.


a) An Owner, who mortgages his unit, shall notify the Association through the Secretary of
the Management Committee, the name and the address of the party to whom the unit has
been mortgaged and the Secretary shall maintain all such information in a book entitled
"Mortgages of Units".
b) An Apartment Owner shall notify in writing to the Association of his intention before he
conducts a Sale, Lease or mortgage Agreement in respect of his Apartment and in such
case he shall pay all the unpaid assessment of the Association including interest, if any,
on such outstanding balance. In case of a default, all such outstanding amounts will
automatically devolve upon the buyer or the new lessee.
c) Without an explicit written NOC from the association no such transaction - as above is to
be taken up. Any violation of this will be treated as null and void.
d) The association will have first lien over the rent payable or over the sale proceeds in the
event of any default by any member in paying the dues. The mortgager shall pay all dues
to the Association BEFORE affecting the mortgage, failing which, the services of the
Association shall not be made available to the mortgagee.


The Association shall have a common seal which shall be in the custody of the Secretary and
shall be used only under the authority of the Resolution of the Management Committee and every
Deed of Instrument to which the seal is affixed shall be attested, for and on behalf of the
Association, by two Members of the Management Committee and Secretary or any other person
authorized by the Association in that behalf and chronological record of use of the seal shall be
maintained in a register kept for the purpose.


The Association shall frame rules, regulations and procedures for the administration of
Apartments, its common areas and facilities as well as frame guidelines of restrictions and
measures designed to prevent the unreasonable and improper use of facilities and common
areas which will interfere with the peaceful occupation of units by respective Owners / Residents
conducive to day to day living environment. Such measures / restrictions shall be implemented
within a reasonable time.


The Association in a duly constituted Meeting may amend these Bylaws for such purpose and no
amendment shall take effect unless approved by the majority members in that meeting.

-—End of Byelaws
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