What is bwssb water supply?
Treated water supplied using government's network of pipes

How much water does bwssb supply?
Bwssb has a fixed quota available and the quota is filled on a first come first serve basis. Currently there is quota available and if we apply in time we will be given a supply amount. We cannot speculate on this quantity now. 

What is the service guarantee?
Bwssb, like other government bodies does not guarantee supply. Similarly Bescom also doesn't guarantee supply. However, water supply has been regular and service levels are improving. 

What is the cost of this water?
Bwssb water costs RS.36 for 1000 litres. Tanker water costs RS 63 per litre. Bwssb water is 75% cheaper. 
Why do we need bwssb water supply?
Our costs are Rs10 lakhs and increasing at 10-15% per year
No guarantee on supply in another 2 or 3 years. If we want to increase apartment price and ensure a future we need bwssb water. 

What if we do not have bwssb water supply?
Our costs keep increasing and when tanker suppliers run dry they will find it too expensive to supply water to us. In 5 to 10 years we could be looking at abandoning our apartment because of unaffordable water costs. 

When do we need bwssb water supply?
Right now. Supply approval is on a first come first serve basis. More the delay the lower the chances of getting water in large quantities. 

When can we get bwssb water supply?
Supply has already started in our area. After application with all fees we can expect a time frame of 3 to 4 months. 

How do we get bwssb water supply?
Application form
Application fees
Clearance from KSPCB on garbage disposal and STP
RWH certificate

What are the clearances required?
Clearance from KSPCB on garbage disposal and STP
RWH certificate

What are the charges?

Have we paid the builder?
Yes we have already paid. But the builder has absconded with most of the money. We are perusing the legal course to recover the money with interest. 

When do we need to pay the money?
We need to pay the RS 60 per sq ft now as collecting money in a staggered fashion is difficult given we have more than 800 units.
Water Update - BWSSB deposit
Monday, 3 September 2012 3:23 PM

Mr M Jayaramaiah, AEE, BWSSB in charge of entire ward no 85 visited our site
and checked our documents.

A) Did you know?
1) That applications for BWSSB Cauvery water connection if applied today will
be activated in 2 months time?

2) That the following deposits need to be made or receipts produced to support payment
 - Rs 8000 x total number of flats in complex for GBWSP Approx 65 Lakhs.
Builder has only paid Rs 11.6 lakhs. No receipts were handed over. Why?

3) Copy of the RWH details as submitted to BWSSB with pictures and measurements
of recharge pits and plan. Or this now will be at an added cost. Person to
contact Mr Shivakumar who is an expert in this field and empaneled with BWSSB
as RWH Consultant. To become compliant we will have to incur additional
expenses or else no Cauvery water connection.

4) That once the application is sanctioned within 30 days we have to deposit:
 - Rs 20 per sq ft per flat.
 - Include charges of basement and add at same rate.
 - Rs 600 minimum per flat for toilet and kitchen connection, or Rs 120 per
   water connection per flat whichever is greater.
 - inspection fees as applicable
 - Plumbers charges and pipe laying charges.
 - BBMP road cutting permit and charges

5) When the application is approved, the total sum as given above has to be
  paid within 30 days or else there will be a penalty of 2% per month compounded.

6) That BWSSB applications are open for the next 1 or 2 months only or till the
point the total supply is exhausted and they will stop giving new sanctions
till the next up gradation works are commissioned. Unlikely for the water
sharing pact between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

7) water supplied by BWSSB will be billed as per consumption on on a monthly basis.

B) Did you know the builder has already collected the above charges at a rate
of Rs 100 per sq ft from each of us for KEB and BWSSB deposit? He has not
remitted the amount to BWSSB.

C) Do you know once this sanction is exhausted we will not get the application
approved even if we agree to collect and pay this money ourselves later?

D) What can individual owner's do? Or what can the Association do? Without
wasting any more time we need to take this very critical and important
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