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General Guidelines for a checklist for Purchasing flat at Alpine Eco. Note that these guidelines may not be comprehensive and the responsibility ultimately rests on the Purchaser and the Seller. You may take the services of a Property Lawyer. If you are renting a flat at Alpine Eco, do check renting-flat.

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Buying Checklist

Sno Task Remarks Check
1. For the flat you are looking at buying, are maintenance dues to the association paid ? You should approach the MC ( association office) for confirming any No Dues certificate for your flat at least 48 hours n advance of any sale. If your owner did not pay the maintenance for the last month or months then you ask him to clear the maintenance before selling the flat. Else you may end up paying the dues. the No Dues Certificate becomes mandatory for Moving In or Out. It is recommended that the application is placed more than 48 hours before the Association Office. Persons authorised to stamp and sign is our Accounts staff ONLY. Moving In or Out needs to be first supported by this certificate of NO DUES. The NOC from Alpine Builder will not suffice in this case. Shifting is to be complete between 06.00 hrs - 20.00hrs.We sincerely regret situations who have not secured the document prior to the shifting and the MC or Security personnel will not be in a position to help out-of-office working hours with requests. Please remember to secure your NDC ahead of time from the Association Office
2. Is it legal ? Check for approvals, especially for Ground and 11th floor Flats
3. Is the parking lot disputed ? Check with the Alpine Eco Owners Association Office for any discrepancy
4. Can you park there? Some parking slots are only on paper, In reality they have transformers, others have borewells. Make sure you get an allottment letter from whoever you are buying it from. Then get your vehicle stickers from the Association Office. Also note that specifying lot #139 is not enough. It can mean 139 open or 139 Covered.
5. Check for leaks, grouting issues, flow of water, etc.
6. Has the bwssb water connection been paid for ? Alpine builder sitting on the bwssb deposit collected and has not deposited it with bwssb. its been over 5 years now.
7. Check for keys to Postbox OR Does your flat have a Postbox? Some of the flats do not have a Postbox. So getting bills and letters will maybe a constant problem
8. Check for electricity bill, verify RR number and make sure electricity dues are paid for Find the RR number for the flat and Check at the BESCOM Site
9. Is it registered OR can it be registered ?
10. Is property tax paid for ? Ask for property tax receipts
11. Move-in Letter ? Without this letter. you may not be able to get into alpine premises with the luggage. You can obtain this by paying a sum of Rs. 1500(indicative) at the Association Office. Keep the receipt with you and show it security at the time of Moving-in. Without this, security will not allow any goods van to enter the apt complex.
12. Talk to old time residents. They are the best source of information.

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