"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee."
Muhammad Ali

Below are the details of the beehive removal contacts/persons.

Why killing the bee is not the best option

  • Killing bees one should never swat or threaten a bee. The reason for some swarm of bee attacks are due to the release of a pheromone a threatened bee will emit. This pheromone sends a distress signal to all other bees in the area, and will attract the whole swarm to come in and defend them.
  • Bees pollinate flowers. Less bees, less pollination, less produce, more demand. Read more about it : Honey Bee Crisis Could Push Food Prices Even Higher and here.

If you get stung

f a bee stings you, don't panic and immediately run, and especially don't make a lot of jerky, sudden movements. This just increases your chances of being stung again. Instead, calmly back away a few feet from the hive and use the edge of your fingernail, the hive tool, or a knife, to scrape the sting sac out from the side. Never grab the stinger and pull it out — this only injects more venom. After the sting sac is removed and discarded away from your body and the hives, smoke the area of the sting to mask the odor of the alarm pheromone.

Vendor Contacts

0. Mr. Murali 9620351669 (Preferred vendor for best rate and past experience) - Rs 350
1. 9686350758 ……… Gangadhar
2. 9986203512………. org 1
3. 9880371971………. org 2
4. 8892081786………. Syed
5. 9448810207……….Ramesh: (charges Rs 500 for individual beehive removal. Will take half an hour. Since they destroy the beehive by spraying, no honey will be collected. They also offered an option in which the association gives an AMC for beehive removal for all commonplaces and they ensure it there will be no beehives at any of the common places. The AMC cost is decided after a survey)


All these four guys started with 600/- INR per beehive and ended with 350/- INR per beehive ( min 10 beehives ).
Gangadhar quoted 150/- INR per beehive ( min 10 beehives ).. He also visited Alpine and took the survey. All he needs is the access to these flats which have beehives.

Please give "Gangadhar" preference when you get the beehive removal activity re-started. Else in-case you have any other contacts who can provide the same for lesser cost then you can choose that new vendor… no issues..
(All these vendors will not extract honey, they just spray the chemical on the beehive )

Myth: Spray that Prevents recurrence of beehives

  • A beehive removal vendor has indicated that "Sprays that Prevents recurrence of beehives" are myth and that there is no such thing. The only way he knows is to apply grease on the area so that beehives will not reform on that area.

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