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Sent: Wednesday, 5 June 2013 2:53 PM
Subject: [Alpine Eco Apartment] Special Notice: Online Complaint Facility

New Notice posted by MC-AEOWA

Online Complaint Facility
Dear Residents,

We are pleased to inform all the residents that, we have enabled our Online Complain Facility, as promised in GBM, with suitable infrastructure in place for some of the critical issues. Following are the online complain category under which you can file complains:

Accounts Discrepancy
ApnaComplex Issues
Common Area Electrical
Common Area Housekeeping 
Issue Parking Sticker
STP Water

We request all the residents to use this online complain facility JUDICIALLY and file only relevant complains.

Please note that, normal electrical and plumbing complains, related to any flat, are excluded from this list as we do not have enough support-staff to manage that online.

So, individual electric and plumbing will continue to be paper-based complain filed at main-gate security or escalated to Association manager in writing, if not done. These complains, if filed online using any of the above listed categories, will be closed without any update on status from our staff members.



See https://www.apnacomplex.com/help for a master list of questions about ApnaComplex. Some other frequently asked questions are given below. If your questions are not answered anywhere on this page, please mail your queries to: acatalpineeco[at]ymail[dot]com Please note that this mail id does not handle any finance. It only handles any IT related issues to Apnacompex and not payment related discrepancies. Anything related to finance is handled by the finance team and the treasurer. For finance related isues, Kindly file a complaint in AC with category as "Accounts Discrepancy" OR direct all your queries related to accounts or finance to accountsatalpineeco[at]yahoogroups.com only If you have any concerns regarding your dues/invoice, please contact your association treasurer/accounts office.

What is ApnaComplex ?

ApnaComplex is the preferred apartment management software solution used by AlpineEco to track and manage things at AlpineEco. It is expected that every owner/resident at AlpineEco will be a member of this online community for regular updates pertaining to AlpineEco.

I've applied to Commonfloor/Apartmentadda/<xyz community portal> for AlpineEco.

Please note that as of now based on management inputs we are active only on apnacomplex. You are advised to apply for membership to Apnacomplex at this point. At a later point, if a (new) management chooses to shift to another portal, there will be a provision to migrate your accounts based on the mailids.

I forgot my password

Please see https://www.apnacomplex.com/help/index.php?sid=1570&lang=en&action=show&cat=2.
Also do check both your spam folder and the inbox to see if you got a reset mail from AC.

How do I join ApnaComplex at AlpineEco ?

The process is simple and illustrated with screenshots.

Step 1 : Login to Apnacomplex using this invite link for Alpine Eco: http://bit.ly/aeinvite


Step 2 : Enter your mailid. ApnaComplex will send you a mail with the invite link.


Step 3: Check your mailbox, click on the invite link and activate your account.


Step 4: Enter your details into Apnacomplex


Step 5: Wait for Approval and then Login (Do check the Spam Folder to be sure)

I need to change my name / contact number

Please look for Some details of my unit/flat/plot are incorrect. How do I update them? in Apnacomplex Member FAQ. If you have any problems in doing so after reading these pages, do write to acatalpineeco[at]ymail[dot]com for a quick response.

How do I make an online payment directly through Apnacomplex?

(18 Sep 2013) Apnacomplex now provides a direct online payment method. This is in addition to the option to pay by NEFT.
You can choose whichever method is convenient for you.
To pay your dues directly through the payment gateway in Apnacomplex, follow the steps below:
1. Login to Apnacomplex, go to Dashboard from the Menu and scroll down to see "My Financials". Click on it.
2. This will take you to the "Make Payment" Screen. In the Description Combo Box, select "Maintenance Charges" and enter the amount you wish to pay.
3. Then choose the Mode of payment as "Credit Card", "Debit Card" or "Net Banking", enter the amount you wish to transfer to the association and press the "Submit Payment" button.
4. This will take you the "Confirm Payment" Screen. There will be a "Convenience Charge" added to the amount you wish to pay depending on the "Mode of Payment". Here are the indicative convenience charges that are levied currently:

  • Credit card : 2.18%
  • Debit Card : 1.16%
  • Net Banking - About Rs. 25 per transaction (generally this method has the lowest convenience charge compared to payment by debit/credit card)

There be will service tax on these "Convenience Charges". The rate of charges are subject to change. Do confirm the rate applied by looking at the Convenience charges before making the payment. Please note that the Convenience charge is calculated on the mode of payment by the payment gateway provider and is not paid to the association.
5. After hitting "Submit Payment", you will reach a "Proceed to Payment Gateway" Screen. Please confirm that amount shown for online payment and click on "Proceed to Payment Gateway".
6. After this you will be asked to enter your Credit/Debit Card details or the Bank Login if you have selected NetBanking. On entering the details and after verifying your payment authorization, the amount will get charged.
7. An email with the receipt will come to the member upon successful payment. This usually comes as soon as the transaction is verified by the payment gateway.
8. In case of queries, you can write to support[at]apnacomplex[dot]com OR raise a complaint in Apnacomplex with category as "Accounts Discrepancy".

Steps in Brief:
Apnacomplex-> My Financials-> Make Payment-> Confirm payment->Proceed to Payment gateway-> Enter authorization details-> Success!
In case of further queries, do read Apnacomplex Payment Gateway FAQ.

How do I update my maintenance payments (made by Cheque/NEFT) on ApnaComplex at AlpineEco ?

If you have made the payment through cheque/NEFT, do see http://alpine-eco.wikidot.com/maintenance, The process of updating your payment details is simple and illustrated with screenshots.

Download all the steps in this How to record a payment in ApnaComplex.pdf

Step 1 : Login to ApnaComplex and click on the "+" sign on "My Financials"


Step 2: Enter the Details and submit Payment.


Click on the "Submit Payment" button after entering all the details and reviewing it is correct.


Your payment details then get submitted after you press the "Submit Details" button.


Thats it. You're Done. It then goes to the Finance team for approval. This gets updated in the system after the money gets transferred.

I am unable to upload payment details on apna complex. It does not allow you to upload 'a line item'.

If the error is something like this:
The fields to the right of the screen under "Payment Amount" in the Make Payment page are editable. 
Just zero out the amounts you are not paying for and then try to make the payment.
For example, if you are making the payment only for maintenance payment,
just zero out all the other fields and only keep the line item for which payment is needed.
Do see the screenshot below for an illustration.

I have two units added (one self, and one a family of owner), and have made payment through different cheques. The site expects a single cheque to be paid for all dues. Way forward ??

The fields under ""Payment Amount" in the Make Payment page are editable. For entering payment details for the first flat, enter a "0 value" against "Payment Amount" for the second flat and make the payment. Likewise, when making a payment for the second, repeat the same steps by entering a '0 value' against the first flat and make the payment. Do see the screenshot below for an illustration.


There should be a option to select whether the excess payment can be adjusted to a particular invoice or not.

There is indeed an option.

The excess payments get auto-adjusted against future charges only if the excess payment is recorded under 'Generic Advance Payment' type. This the default in the system when you record the payment (Home->Make Payment, Income->Enter Payment, Upload Member Payments).
For an excess payment NOT to be auto-adjusted, the member or the accountant needs to record the excess payment under a 'particular' charge type.
For example, if any member is paying Rs. 5,000/- in excess you can record that against 'Maintenance Charge' type.ac_specify_excess_payment_type.png
When this is done, if there is a future invoice against 'Water Charges', or any other Non-Maintenance charge, the charge it would NOT get auto-adjusted.
This amount will get adjusted only when there is a future 'Maintenance Charge' type of invoice.
You can in fact add 'any number' of excess payments in the same payment. Let us say some one is paying 10,000 in advance - Rs. 6,000 against Maintenance, Rs. 2,000 against water and Rs. 2,000 against 'Generic' - you can record the same thing by clicking the 'Add One more Excess Payment Row' link (highlighted above).

Whom do I need to approach for discrepancies in account statement as I have already paid all maintenance charges till date.

There exists a different finance team whose only job is to maintain accurate and timely
records of financial data, income and expenses made by the assn.
If there is a discrepancy, advise you to pursue this matter actively with them at:
Better still to raise a complaint in Apnacomplex with category as "Accounts Discrepancy" where it will be tracked to closure.

When I use the invite link for Apnacomplex, it says, "Email id already associated with an apartment in Apnacomplex" but I never got an invite. What do I do ?

Chances are that the invite got lost in the mailbox or landed in your Spam folders. You can instead goto apnacomplex.com, and click on Forgot password?. It will then help you reset your password.

How do I change my name/mobile number ?

Login to https://apnacomplex.com -> Go to dashboard -> Home -> My Profile -> Edit Profile
There you can change it.

I have an invoice discrepancy. whom do I contact and how ?

  • If you are at Alpine Eco, you can approach the Finance Team at the Estate office.
  • If you do not live nearby, you can raise a Complaint by:

Logging into ApnaComplex-> Go to Helpdesk» Complaint Box » Log a New Complaint and select category -> Account Discrepancy.

How do I opt out of classifieds from ApnaComplex at AlpineEco ?

Every member of Apnacomplex can choose whether or not to receive classified in the mailbox by choosing:
Login to https://www.apnacomplex.com - > Home(at the top left) -> My Profile(in dropdown menu)
ac_edit_profile.jpgand then toggle this value:
Get Classifieds via E-Mail?

Logging a personal compliant in AC for Service Breakdown Requests

Note that as per review this needs to be fixed by the owner/resident itself.
Association is responsible for issues in the common areas.

Q. What can I do to rectify it at my own cost
Where can I get paid help to fix it ?

This is a third party service and is chargeable by the servicing provider.
ApnaComplex, the software provider for complaint tracking has partnered with Jack on Block - a facility management firm - for you to be able to get technicians for your Carpentry, Plumbing, Painting, Masonary etc requirements. You can request for a paid service call by submitting the form below. We will get in touch with you and the technician will come to your doorstep to service your need - however small it may be.

Note that the assn is not responsible for any deficiency in this third party service.


Just in case Apnacomplex says that you are already invited, and if you do not know your password, just click on "Forgot password" and type your mail id.
It will reset your password. If you still have problems, do write to acatalpineeco(at)ymail.com

Can any of the Association Staff file a complaint on my behalf ?

Yes, a resident may not have access to internet at all times. In such cases, one can log a complaint by requesting one of the Estate Staff members in person or over the phone/intercom: 2976(Office) 6154(Clubhouse). The process is illustrated with screenshots.
Step 1 :
Log_a_complaint_1.jpegStep 2:
Current list of Staff who can file complaints on behalf of residents:
1. Assistant Association Manager - John:
2. Finance Staff
3. Clubhouse Staff

Can you clarify what it signifies? "- No vehicle is associated with Mont Rosa 702"

It means the parking records for Alpine Eco have not yet been uploaded to AC (apnacomplex).
Once that is uploaded, the details will be visible online.
One can also update their vehicle records by going to Home-> My vehicles -> Add Vehicle

I made an online payment through AC but the transaction failed and the money was not debited from my account. My dues however show up as Rs 0. How can I make the payment now ?

Response from AC Support:
Please ask the member to enter the amount being paid under 'Excess Payment' and make the payment.

Here is the background of this entire thing works for your information:

When you are trying to make a payment thru payment gateway and the transaction could not complete due to some issues on the bank side - we will keep the payment as 'Pending for verification' status for couple of hours. This is because gateway would not know if the bank has not already charged the card/deducted the amount. Gateway will coordinate with the bank and get the final status of the payment and confirm the final status of the payment to us. Once we know that your payment entry will be automatically be approved or rejected.
Please note that this entire process is automated and no manual intervention is possible.

During this period, member dues will be showing as zero. This is to ensure member does not do double payment.
If the member is sure the your payment was unsuccessful, s/he go ahead and make payment again immediately. Member has to do this by entering the total payment amount in the excess payment row. Alternately they can wait for and retry to pay after 2-3 hours where all the pending dues would appear.

How do I verify if my Sale deed is with the association ?

After logging in to AC, goto :

Home -> My Complexes -> My Units in Alpine Eco Apartment
and click on the button thats says:
View documents of this Unit
If the association has received a copy your sale deed, you will find it listed here.

Admin Level Questions

Restrict Tenants from Adding Members to the Portal

You can now restrict tenants from Adding Members to the portal, if needed.
You can go to Complex->Settings->Member Administration and you can see a new setting 'Can Tenants add members to the portal?" - which by default is enabled. If you switch this to disbaled - tenants will not ne able to add other members and will have to reach out to Owners / Admins.

Add persons to Action Item Owner


Proposed Escalation Matrix

Category                        Level-1                      Level-2                       Level-3
Clubhouse                       Clubhouse Manager(2-Days)    Association Manager(5D)       MC
Common Area Electrical          Facility Team(2D)            Association Manager(5D)       MC
Common Area Housekeeping        Facility Team(2D)            Association Manager(5D)       MC
Lifts                           Association Manager(2D)      MC
Security                        Association Manager(2D)      MC
ApnaComplex                     AC-Admin (2D)                MC

Checklist before Approving any Purchase Requests

Please ensure that the approval document contains the following, every time.
1. Vendor Name
2. Bill No.
3. Bill Date, and,
4. Amount to be paid.

Howto approve a Purchase Request

First keep in mind that in AC, a 'Purchase request' is different from a 'Request'.
Step 1: Login to AC and then Switch Roles
ac-approve-1.pngStep 2: Click on Expenditure-> Purchase Requests
Step 3: Click on "PRs pending for My Approval"

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